Beijing Metro Ticket is As Low As 2 RMB

Beijing’s Metro network expands these days. The Metro Line #5 just opened. Along with Metro Line #1, Line #2, and Line #13, there are four lines in Beijing.

The difference between Beijing and Shanghai is, Beijing Metro charges 2 RMB per ride in the whole system. 2 RMB = 0.27 USD.

This way, the government is trying to get people to ride Metro, and other public transportation. This seems to be a wise decision. Although it cost tax payer’s another several billion RMB every year to fund the Metro, the benefit from it should be much more than that number.

2 thoughts on “Beijing Metro Ticket is As Low As 2 RMB

  1. I like the idea… at least make the public transport an affordable for all. At the same time reduce the pollution and congestion.

  2. Well, that is quite interesting, when I was studying there last July the price was 3 RMB and 5 RMB in the Line 13…

    Many people used to travel by bus because could be so much cheaper, as low as 20 cents if you are student or 40 cents for a normal user with card…

    Let’s wait to see the real impact on people chosing to drive their own cars and traffic…

    Everything towards Olympics.. Will it be enough? Will it be kept afterwards?

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