Plan to Go to Beijing

Try some bulletin style writing (invented by Ren Liu) – a style to use only bulletin instead of paragraphs in article.

  • I will be in Beijing on Monday and Tuesday of next week. All my old friends, drop me an email so we can meet.
  • Special Olympics closes today in Shanghai. Big event, but didn’t have any impact on me – I also watch it on TV.
  • Metro Line #8 is almost ready and will open soon. Good news.
  • Attending very late conference call these days, and very tired (even failed to wake up at 6:30 AM). That is the reason of pause in this blog.
  • Autumn comes, and T-Shirt, for the first time, does not work for me.


4 thoughts on “Plan to Go to Beijing

  1. Hi JS, welcome to Beijing.

    The Beijing Metro Line# 5 just opened several days ago, a line through the city from the north to the south. you can have a try.

    Beijing’s temperature is lower than Shanghai. the highest is 18ºC, the lowest is about 10ºC. maybe there is temperature drop recently. Keep yourself warm.

    Wish you have a good trip. :-)

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