Hangzhou to Shanghai D Train Schedule

Today, Wendy and I went to the Shanghai South Railway Station to pickup my parents-in-law. They took train D680 from Hangzhou to Shanghai South Station. I still haven’t try any of D train so far, but from their description, it is a wonderful train.

D Trains

D Trains are the best trains in China, and are of the first level in almost all aspects:

  • Hardware is cutting-edge, and most advanced
  • Railway resources are given to D trains with highest priorities. Other trains, like Z, T, K, or those without a letter in their name, all give ways to D trains. It has the right of road most of the time when there is a schedule conflict.
  • Their ticket prices are also the highest among all trains

Hangzhou to Shanghai South D Train Schedule

Train#, Departure, Destination, Departure Time, Arrival Time, Distance

D680 Hangzhou to Shanghai South 18:18 19:36 173

D672 Hangzhou to Shanghai South 20:41 21:59 173

D670 Hangzhou to Shanghai South 14:55 16:18 173

D668 Hangzhou to Shanghai South 13:23 14:41 173

D660 Hangzhou to Shanghai South 11:32 12:50 173

D658 Hangzhou to Shanghai South 09:55 11:13 173

D654 Hangzhou to Shanghai South 07:40 09:03 173

Shanghai South to Hangzhou D Train Schedule

Train#, Departure, Destination, Departure Time, Arrival Time, Distance

D683 Shanghai South to Hangzhou 20:01 21:19 173

D681 Shanghai South to Hangzhou 19:03 20:21 173

D675 Shanghai South to Hangzhou 16:40 17:58 173

D667 Shanghai South to Hangzhou 13:07 14:25 173

D663 Shanghai South to Hangzhou 11:45 13:03 173

D657 Shanghai South to Hangzhou 09:30 10:48 173

D653 Shanghai South to Hangzhou 07:50 09:08 173

Above information was last updated and verified on Oct 7, 2007.

45 thoughts on “Hangzhou to Shanghai D Train Schedule”

  1. Hi

    How many railway stations are in Shanghai. I am planning to go Hangzhou from Shanghai.

    Do I need to go to the Shanghai south station to take the train ?

    How far Shanghai south station from the Shanghai Hongqiao airport?

    Many Thanks


  2. @Raul, there are two railway stations in Shanghai. One is the Shanghai Station (on the north side of the city), the other is Shanghai South Station. Most of trains to Hangzhou depart at Shanghai South Station, but there are also some from Shanghai Station.

    It is about 20 km (roughly) from Hong Qiao to South Station. Take a taxi there is the most convenient way.

  3. Hi!

    I’m going to Shanghai in January 2008 and I’m planning to visit Beijing by train. How do I book and buy the ticket? I tried chinatripadvisor.com and they are expensive. Can I buy the ticket from the station or will I have a problem doing so? Thanks for your help.

  4. Hi! I’m going to Shanghai in January 2008. I’m thinking of going to Beijing by train. Where should I book and buy the ticket? I tried chinatripadvisor.com but they are more expensive. I read your experience that it was tough to buy ticket from the railway station. Thanks a lot.

  5. Hi, I need to take the Z train to Beijing. A friend has purchase my ticket but i have to get to the train station on my own. I’ll be staying in Pudong, which Metro line do I alight to get to train station? Where do I buy my return train ticket in Shanghai? Thanks

  6. hi,

    i need help here .i am from malaysia .i am planning a trip to China this April.

    I am planning to visit HangZhou, ShangHai , Nangking && SuZhou.

    I will need to start from SuZhou cause having a meeting there.

    Appreciate if you could help to give some advice on the route .

    is it okie to plan in such way == SuZhou –> NangKing –> HangZhou –> ShangHai?

    Besides that, which train should i take between the destination & how long the destination ?

    Thanks .

  7. Hi, I’m a Malaysian Chinese planning to take a train (D-train) from Hangzhou to Shanghai this year February to bring my 3 yr old daughter to meet her mother in Pudong. Which railway station should we go to in Hangzhou? Roughly how far is the journey from Hangzhou airport to the railway station? How long is the journey from Hangzhou to Shanghai by train?

    Hope you all kind people out there can provide us correct information cause this is my first time travel to China with my little one & It’s too costly to fly direct to Pudong Airport. Thank you so much,

  8. Hi,

    I need to getting a train to shanghai, Do i need to book a ticket or a freen seating. How much of the Changes and How can I getting to the station from the Hongzhou Airport.


  9. Hi,

    I’m planning a trip to Shanghai this May 08, but will be taking a flight from Malaysia to Hangzhou.

    My flight is scheduled to reach at 1300 (1pm) at the Hangzhou international airport, so which time is the best for me to take a train from Hangzhou to Shanghai?

    Will i be able to catch the 1455 (2.55pm) train?

    Thanks ya.

  10. Hi ! I’m going to Hangzhou this April and planning to visit Shanghai by Train. Other than D-Train, is there other cheaper trains available and how do I book and buy them ? Roughly how much is the ticket price? Thanks so much for your help. :)

  11. Hello,

    I’m planning a trip to Hangzhou on 31.03.08 and arrive at the Airport at 1300 hrs. My planned itinerary is Hangzhou to Suzhou/Shanghai/Hangshou. Depart from Hangzhou on 08.04.08 at 2310 hrs. Could you please advise me how to get to the train on schedule and how much fare for individual route to the destination?

    Thank you.

    Best Regards

    Francis Wong

  12. Where is the Hangzhou & Shanghai D-train station located (e.g. in what road)? Can anybody suggest which hotel should I stay in order to reach the two station easily?

  13. To some of you folks wanting to go to Hangzhou from Shanghai, go to the Shanghai South station. Catch a train there and you should be there in one hour. I think it cost USD12 for the soft seat. I went there in the morning, visited the Wset Lake (Xihu) in Hangzhou, took a boat round the islands, had a great lunch at the Laowailou in the Xihu and came back to Shanghai late evening. Total cost, about USD50. From the Hangzhou station, catch a bus to the Holiday Inn and start your walkaround to the West Lake (Xihu).

  14. To some of you folks wanting to go to Hangzhou from Shanghai, go to the Shanghai South station. Catch a train there and you should be there in one hour. I think it cost USD12 for the soft seat. I went there in the morning, visited the West Lake (Xihu) in Hangzhou, took a boat round the islands, had a great lunch at the Laowailou in the Xihu and came back to Shanghai late evening. Total cost, about USD50. From the Hangzhou station, catch a bus to the Holiday Inn and start your walkaround to the West Lake (Xihu).

  15. hi,

    i’m a malaysian planning a visit to shanghai in april next year with my wife. can u please provide me info on how to get there by train from hangzhou airport where we arrive at 13.00hrs. how do i book the ticket to get there? Can someone please help me?

  16. I would like to go to hangzhou from shanghai by express train at time 13.12 oclock. what can I do if I stay at everblight hotel |?

  17. Hi,

    Could you help me?

    I need to go from Hangzhou to Shanghai on 6 April 2009, but I don’t know how to book the train ticket online (china trip advisor does not have this). Do we have to book in advance, or can we just buy the ticket on the day itself?

    Can you tell me which website should I go to book online? thanks a lot

  18. Hi there,

    Im going to Hangzhou this april 2009. May i know how to get a train to shanghai once i reach hangzhou airport? And from Hangzhou airport, how to get to train station? Isnt using D train?

    How to I book a D train from Hangzhou to Shanghai on line,from Malaysia?And how much isnt?

    Pls help ASAP! Urgent

  19. Hangzhou to shanghai to Hangzhou

    1. Distance of Railways Station from airport

    2. Train Schedules

    3. Traveling duration

  20. kindly give me the information of trains from shanghai to hangzhou and from where i can but tickets in shanghai and how much time d-train take is this a bullet train.

  21. My family is planning to visit Hangzhou and Shanghai but have booked hotel in Hangzhou. Please let me know how and where to take train to Shanghai, cost of a ticket, first train-what time, last train from Shanghai-what time? What are the `must see` places in Hangzhou and Shanghai? Any local tours that we can join? What bus to take from Hangzhou airport to Xiaoshan?

  22. I want to go to Hangzhou from Shanghai in Oct and can I have the train schedule and cost of the fares.

  23. can u buy for me the bullet train ticket from Hangzhou to Shanghai on 12.02.2010 at around 2.30pm,

    Shanghai to Hangzhou on 16.02.2010 at around 5.00pm. T.Q.

  24. Hi,

    I wanted to know if you are interested in answering questions you have already answered and or if you enjoy answering flippant questions by transient visitors to your blog. Also please inform me if you feel about the people who ask these questions. My family is arriving in shanghai soon and needs this information now.

  25. Hi,

    My family will be visiting China this mid October (16-21 October). Please assist in the following areas:

    1. Can I take D-train from Hangzhou to Shanghai? Any confirm train schedule? Cost of fare per person?

    2. From Shanghai to Yiwu, is there any D-train? Schedule? Cost?

    3. Hotel booking in Hangzhou, Shanghai & Yiwu? What other channel will provide discount like ctrip?

    4. Is D-train, the bullet train in China?

    5. Do I make bookings for all train tickets before we leave for China?

    Thank you so much.

  26. I am from Malaysia and my flight will arrive at Hangzho on this Friday about 1 pm. I plan go to Lake Tai and Suzhou (spend about 1 to 2 night) then later to Shanghai (about 1 week). I don’t follow any tour, is it difficult in term of the transportation going to this 2 places before the Shanghai? Can you advised on the transportation and any suggestion places to go before the Shanghai?

  27. My flight will arrive at Hangzhou and I would like to spend 1 to 2 nights at Hangzhou and Suzhou before proceed to Shanghai. Is it easy to get the transport to these 2 places specialy the tourist attraction area? Please give some feedback and suggest me some places to go as well.

  28. i need to take train from huangzhou airport to shanghai at about 2.30 pm/ i will stay at pacific hotel at nanjing street / please advise

  29. Thanks for posting this! Would you mind updating it for the current schedule? I love your blog, it is very helpful…

  30. I will be in Hangzhou teaching English from March 19 -30. I have a plane ticket to fly out of Shanghai on the 31st at 10:00 AM. I need to get to Shanghai on the 31st in time to catch the plane.

    What is the best way to get to Shanghia to catch a 10:00 AM flight?

    What station in Shanghia should I go to?

    How do I get to the airport from the train station in Shanghai?

    How long does it take to get from the train station in Shanghia to the airport?

    How early do I need to get to the airport if I am flying out at 10:00AM?

  31. Hai i plan to go hanzhou to shanghai expo on Jun.

    How far from Hanzhou airport (air asia) to which railway station to Shanghai and how much for taxi?

    The train from hangzhou to Shanghai is how much? how long time?

    Arrival shanghai railway to expo centre, how to go there?

    Thank you

  32. @yoyo, you need to take taxi to the railway station. It takes about 40 minutes, and 100 RMB to get there.

    You can take train from Hangzhou to Shanghai, about 54 RMB single trip, and from Shanghai, take the metro system to the expo site.

  33. I’ll fly to Hangzhou on Air Asia on 15 April 2010 shall travel to Shanghai.

    Please advise:

    !. What transport to take from airport to Train Stn (bullet train) to Shanghai?

    2. Train schedule and What fare for Taxi and fare for Train ticket, do I have to do booking for train ticket?

    3. Which hotel to stay in Shanghai (near Stn 1 or Stn 2), and Hangzhou?

  34. Taxi from airport to train station, and use the D train I described on this page.

    You don’t really need the train schedule since it is pretty frequent.

    Hotel? Check out expedia.com and they have nice recommendation.

  35. Hi im flying from malaysia to hangzhou next monday. I shall be taking the train to shanghai. I’ll be staying at the LA Residence , Zhenning Rd, Jing An District, Shanghai. Pls let me know how to get frm the hangzhou airport to the train station. And from shanghai south train station to my hotel at LA Residence.

  36. Hi Guys, hope this little piece of info useful to all..Cheers!

    Hangzhou airport –> Shanghai

    from xiaoshan airport you may take taxi or shuttle bus to Hangzhou railway station at downtown district (‘cheng zhan’ mean downtown station) and take train (approx. 1h30m by D train) which will arrive at Shanghai South Station which is well connected with Shanghai Metro line 1

    Hangzhou airport –> Suzhou

    You may take bus (approx. 2 hours) which depart frequently from xiaoshan airport to suzhou downtown near renmin road.

    Suzhou –> Shanghai

    You may take train from suzhou railway station (approx. 40 minutes by D train) which will arrive at shanghai railway station (north area of the town) connected with shanghai metro line 1.

  37. We are 4 adults and stay at Shanghai Radisson World Hotel at 88 nanjing road. We need to travel from shanghai to hangzhou and back in 1 day. Is it better to do on saturday (july 24) or sunday (july 25)? Which train station do we go and can we get tickets on line first. How to go to and from hangzhou train station to xihu? If we take taxi how much it cost and how to travel? We are wondering if we need to charter van but it looks very expensive.

    Thank you

  38. Is it true that if there are 6pepole travelling together from Shanghai – Xian on Z92, we cannot get seat numbers together? we are looking for soft sleeper seats. Pls advise before we purchase our train tkts.

  39. Will be going to Shanghai for holiday this Aug 30 and planning to go Hangzhou by train and return to Shanghai on the same day. Will be staying at Hengfeng Road, please advise which train station and it is necessary to purchase the tickets in advance? I’m worry that i am not able to purchase the tickets.


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