Many Events in Shanghai

Today, the Torch for Special Olympics arrives in Shanghai. I saw the real time broadcast on TV.

The Women’s World Cup is final today in Shanghai. German wins.

The National Holiday celebration started from tonight, and traffic control was put in place. Cars are not allowed in many major locations.

There are fireworks in Century Park. “People Mountain People Sea” there.

6 thoughts on “Many Events in Shanghai

  1. Exactly. It should be an exciting time to be here. The lights of the the whole city was turned on, and it looks very nice. The problem is, there are just too many people here.

  2. @Jian Shuo – are you watching the opening ceremony of the special Olympics from Shanghai stadium? It’s on live now here in Singapore, and I’m very impressed so far… must say, they picked two of my favourite celebrities as spokespeople – Karen Mok and Colin Farrell…!!! Very nice production!!! Congratulations Shanghai -congratulations China!!!

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