Wrapping up My Trip in San Jose

Hi, I am back! I am back to Shanghai on the delayed flight (3 hours) UA857. Jet lag is much better this time, although I still feel it a little bit. This is the email I sent to my friends I met the first day.

It is wonderful to know you, a group of nice, interesting and smart guys, in the bay area. Let me share briefly about what I did for the rest of my trip after meeting you guys – you were the first group of people I meet during my short stay.

Besides all business meetings which occupied the day time of all workdays, I managed to put many activities on nights or weekends. Every time I am here, I hang out with local people to understand what they are thinking and their takes on recent China issues, like “Made in China”. As always, I meet my American family (I am very proud of), alsoI met with the girl in San Jose city planning committee to know about their work to change the city plan for San Jose – it is once per ten year task.

Yi Jin and Tina drove me around the Saturday morning (the cornfield), met with other people (Alex, and Wenjin), and had great time in Computer Museum in Mount View. I enjoy the museum a lot. I also took the wonderful Sunday morning in Berkeley to meet the couple friends – wife is city attorney of Berkeley and husband is Executive Director of California City League. It is so interesting to know how government here works – the city level, state level and federal level, and the frequently used term – check and balance. A lot of insights there. We had a blog Meetup which Yang Meng also joined. I even visited Six Apart, which they host a big celebration party for my 5 blog anniversary. My last night was in AT&T Park in San Francisco to watch San Francisco Giant vs Arizona Diamond Rocks baseball game. As Ginger warned me, it is the kind of slow pace sports, but I do enjoy that.

What a long week for me. Like every trip, I got a lot of insights about how the society of America works. Silicon Valley is a great place to get inspirations and to get new ideas. I am looking forward to seeing you again soon during my next trip.

That basically summarizes what I experienced in this trip.


I’d like to thank every one I meet and people who hosted me, showed me around and spent time with me.










Hong Feng

Yang Meng










Zhang Lei

Zhang Zhen




This is not a complete list, and does not include people I meet for business proposes in the day time. Thank you for made my trip such a wonderful experience for me.

8 thoughts on “Wrapping up My Trip in San Jose

  1. Jian Shuo, you are very lucky to have such a long list of people who you consider friends so far away from the place you call home. It reminds me of our older son who is in a business where he considers the main part of his responsibilities to be “making memories for other people”. You are fortunate enough to be making memories not just for yourself, but also for people halfway around the world. Such a good thing!

  2. @Carroll, I know! I am so lucky to have good friends around the world that I meet personally, and enjoy time with them a lot. That is the most important inspiration for me.

  3. Jian Shuo,

    Next time, give us a ring and we’ll make sure you get to experience a real treat– a city council meeting! (People here would roll their eyes at the prospect…)

  4. @Shiloh, definitely, I’d like to visit a city council meeting in person. I read or heard a lot about the council meeting, and I even watched some video for other cities. I’d love to be the there next time.

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