Geek Dinner in Sunnyvale

Thanks Tina for arranging the dinner in Sunnyvale. It was described as “consumer Internet” meetup but finally turned out to be the geek dinner. Most people comes from technical background. This is not surprising – this is Silicon Valley anyway.

We have Tina, Richard, Stewart, Hongfei, Lei, Sophie , and Jin (Last name was intentionally removed so everyone knows who is who without leaking too much personal information). And then Yong joined the beer afterwards.

Some interesting thoughts emerges.

  • iPhone – everybody is taking about the same thing at the same time. Shall we call it information efficiency? The same topic can be quickly popular among many people. I even didn’t see such a pulse of information or topic in Shanghai.
  • Technical approach or content approach (human approach) to problems.
  • Again, the nightmare of Internet companies in China.
  • MITBBS, and Wenxuecity, the top overseas Chinese websites…
  • ….

Thanks everyone for coming and it made the first dinner of my trip so rewarding. Hope to see you again very soon.

But I guess I should go to bed now to wake up early enough to do the morning meeting. (Big delay in my schedule).

P.S. I just realized the next Tuesday is my 5 year anniversary of blogging. Interestingly, I will be at Six Apart that afternoon – the blogging software I am using.

2 thoughts on “Geek Dinner in Sunnyvale

  1. Having so many friends there is wonderful.

    I should practise my english well so i won’t be so embarrassed one day i go abroad.

    You are a good blogger,who gives me many ideas.

  2. The most compelling part is How Jian Shuo elaborated the story how went from zero to big;

    As well as,

    how all the classified websites compete in China?

    how all the video sharing sites compete in China?

    Who are the black hands behind the Chinese internet industry?

    What and who do all Chinese websites live on? Who are the big bosses?

    word of mouth marketing in China

    comparison between Chinese companies and silicon valley companies and how CopyToChina sites adapt the copied business models and operation models to Chinese market.

    a lot of information.

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