Trip Progress: Pudong Airport

This may seem funny, but let me update my trip progress shortly.

I am at the gate 19 of Pudong Airport. Just checked email and will set OOF (I forgot to do so yesterday) and is going to get on-board soon.

Now it is 11:50 AM (The clock on this blog is offset by day light saving sometime ago, it is one hour offset from the real time.)

Happy flying, Jian Shuo!

4 thoughts on “Trip Progress: Pudong Airport

  1. Hi!I know you from newspapers.I like your blog because I can learn a lot about English.I will come again next time.Have a good trip!

  2. Anyone know the name of the new hotel beiing built above the maglev terminal at Pudong airport.

    I heard it was supposed to open in October?

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