Trip Progress: Pudong Airport

This may seem funny, but let me update my trip progress shortly.

I am at the gate 19 of Pudong Airport. Just checked email and will set OOF (I forgot to do so yesterday) and is going to get on-board soon.

Now it is 11:50 AM (The clock on this blog is offset by day light saving sometime ago, it is one hour offset from the real time.)

Happy flying, Jian Shuo!


  1. Hi!I know you from newspapers.I like your blog because I can learn a lot about English.I will come again next time.Have a good trip!

  2. Anyone know the name of the new hotel beiing built above the maglev terminal at Pudong airport.

    I heard it was supposed to open in October?

  3. Now i know you can check your email,write your blog everywhere.

  4. @kent, it is called Motel 168. You can find their website at

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