3 thoughts on “Top Commenter of August 2007

  1. Hi Jian Shuo! Thank you for the medal! Wow! I actually topped the list for this month! Hahaha. I was so happy when I saw this post last night that I told my husband, “Yay! 我是第一名,我是第一名!” (English: “I’m number one!”) I didn’t know that being the #1 commenter of a blog for a month could make me feel so good. Guess everybody loves recognition and attention. Hahaha. *;)

    You know, actually I was just aiming for the last position with 4 comments. But the topics in this blog are just so interesting that I wanted to join in and share my views as well. *:)

    By the way, when I click my name above, I see that “Ling” has posted a total of 19 comments. The previous 10 comments were actually posted by someone else whose nick was also Ling. In order to not confuse myself with other commenters with that name, does it mean I need to register an account?

    Once again, thank you for the recognition! Commenting on your blog sure is fun! *:D


    Ling *:)

  2. @Ling, pleasure is mine. I am happy to have you join the big reader community and share your thoughts with everyone. I am happy about your 9 comments made in the last month, and inspired by them. I do look forward to seeing you more often in Sept.

    For the problem you mentioned, I have fixed it. Please check my recent article on it. To simply put it, I created a way to distinguish different commenter using different color.

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