MovableType 4 is Almost Out

MovableType is almost out – it is RC4 (Release Candidate 4) now. I am sure that when the final version comes out, I will upgrade my MovableType to that version.

The key feature I think is helpful is the user management and registration. It allows my readers to register with the system and create some pages for him/herself. With the new system, you can be a user and even a contributor to this system. Want to you think?

Pudong Airport Terminal 2 Completed

The Pudong Airport will open a new terminal this year. The construction is already completed, and just waiting for the connecting roads and viaduct to be completed. The next time people visit Pudong Airport, they should check out which terminal they should go to…

4 thoughts on “MovableType 4 is Almost Out

  1. Hi Jian Shuo – I checked out their website – this looks really nice. Will you have the option to ‘vet’ user-generated pages? That is, if someone loads undesirable content, will you be able to catch it before it is published??

    How long before the beta version goes live and final version released?

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