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One month ago, I talked about Back to Technical World. It is very interesting that 5 years ago, when I just about to join Wicresoft to run the ESS business, I wrote an article named: Business is Business. In that cold December, I wrote:

It is a completely new world when you are counting about the P/L. In the next few weeks, I will spend some time on the finance and business part. This is a major focus shift for me. I am no longer a technical person.

5 Years since claiming to be a businessman, to recent getting back to technical a little bit, and now, I am even sure that business is still the most important world I should play with. It is true that I don’t need to be in the technical world for too deep and too long.

At the bottom of my heart, I don’t like business, although I even tried to learn it. Friends comment that I am not a business man. I am NOT! This may because of the nature that I enjoy philosophy and reasoning better than competing. But it seems I have to change to the world I am physically in.

I ever wrote Dislike Doing or Starting to Do. It seems to be it is me who didn’t want to start dive into details of the business world. Let me give it another try in the next half year.

5 thoughts on “Business is Really Business

  1. a good businessman always has to see the bigger picture and not just focus in on some technical details.

  2. Jianshuo,

    By reading your blog, I can feel you are not typical business person I saw in China.

    While I don’t fully understand your obstacles in doing business or management, nor

    do I have any real world experience, I believe you can do well by following your heart.

    We need all kinds of business in China, the most important of all, is be honest to customers,

    and create value for them. I think good things will follow after that.

  3. To do or not to do. It seems everyone has this confusion. There is one thing that you are good at and enjoy doing. There is another that you think will make a bigger impact, glorious, and make you more successful but you dislike it from the deepest reach of your heart. It takes courage to decide either way.

    It’s nice to have you share it with us.

  4. Dear Jianshuo, I recommend a good book to find more answers for your concerns, it is “Why businessman need philosophy” by Ryn Rand, recently translated and published in China.

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