Please Don’t Add me on MSN Messenger

I have my email published on my home page – on the right columns, so readers, or friends who lost my email address can contact me. I am open to emails, and welcome your feedbacks. Many people just send me a thank you note, or a compliment letter, which made me very happy. I receive several emails everyday about Shanghai questions, and I answer most of them – I do have to ignore some when the question is too technical (like help me to fix this webcam driver problem), or hard to answer.

I want to make it clear that although the hotmail address is also my MSN, please do not try to add it to your MSN Messenger. As you can imagine, there are too many people doing that, and I see several notification boxes to add someone everyday. My MSN Messenger has already been full for a long time – more than two years ago.

Just now I received email to complain that he/she never saw me on MSN Messenger. I want to make it clear now that please don’t expect me to accept every request. Email is still preferred way to reach me, or even mobile when it is really urgent, but not MSN. I don’t like to use MSN since if I do, my time is completely hooked up with MSN, especially with chat starting with “May I know you? What do you do? How old are you, can you tell me?”…

To set the clear expectation is at least better than disappointment.

13 thoughts on “Please Don’t Add me on MSN Messenger

  1. But – but – but – I thought you said we could be friends!?

    Just kidding. :) I really like your blog, I’ve been reading it for the past several days. Good job man.

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  3. Hello – woudl like to speka some more with you about things we could do together

  4. Maybe you should post a different email address on your website – might even be a better way to track who’s finding you through your website. then you can forward that email address to your regular account if you’d like, and you wouldn’t have the problem of people trying to add you on msn!

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