Olympics Impact to TV Commericals

Olympics is closer. I didn’t feel too much difference yet, but the business men – or to be more exact, the marketing managers – has smelled the opportunity and started to move faster than average people.

When I watch TV today (very seldom recently), and I found many TV commericals are directly connected with Olympics or sports. For example, Coca-Cola is featuring the swimming team, and P&G is featuring the other team (I don’t know how to describe it – it is the movement or dance on the surface – 体操?)…

Olympics is closers…

P.S. The other day, I was asked whether I still listen to VOA (Voice of America). I said, I listened to the program frequently, 17 years ago…

4 thoughts on “Olympics Impact to TV Commericals

  1. It’s the gymnastic!

    Olympic has now became the biggest consumer goods promotion campaign in the world and we are footing the bills, about the truth Olympic spirit, it is already brushed aside.

  2. just because of the commercial profits, Olympic Commitment changed the swimming schedule of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games from afternoon to morning. As we know, competitors may do it better on the afternoon than morning, it is more possilbe for the competitors to set up a new record. But the afternoon in China is the midnight in US, and the morning in China is the afternoon in US.So the Cmmitment intends to let more Americans watch the game from TV, only in that way they can earn more money.

    For this issue, the commercial profits beat the competitors’.

  3. 后时代生活,是你写的吗?





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