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VBScript Comment IP

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Set vis = CreateObject("Scripting.Dictionary")

<MTComments lastn="600" sort_order="descend">
vis("<$MTCommentIP$>") = "<$MTCommentAuthor$>::<$MTCommentID$>"

For Each e in Document.all
If UCase(e.TagName) = "A" Then
If vis(e.innerText) <> "" Then
e.insertAdjacentHTML "AfterEnd", " &nbsp;<a href='" & vis(e.innerText) & "'><font color=red>" & vis(e.innerText) & "</font>"
End If
End If
Category News Feeding VBScript
Filed as 
On Error Resume Next
Sub PrintCategoryNews(strCategory)
s = ""


If LCase(strCategory) = LCase("<$MTCategoryLabel$>") Then
<MTEntries lastn="1000">
s= s + "<a href=<$MTEntryLink$>><$MTEntryTitle$></a> <span class=posted><$MTEntryDate format="%B %d"$></span><br />"
End If

Document.Write s
End Sub

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