Writing Some Codes Tomorrow

During our code review today at office, I suddenly realize there are many technical dreams I have once had but didn’t fulfill it.

When I demonstrate the data-aware controls, and the architect, I recalled the time I started to learn C#, and all kinds of other language. I always wanted to

1. Write a language – I mean, some really productive language like PHP, or C#.

I thought I am not interested it any longer after my shift from technical field to business field in 2003, but today, I am re-assured that I want to do it. It brings me a lot of happiness.

2. Write some really cool applications.

Like the Web based IDE idea I described in my Chinese blog

Hands on CEO?

I have many roles in life. I know majority of the blog reader (some are 5 year long readers! Amazing! It is even more amazing than keep writing it) knows my role as a blogger – a blogger in Shanghai and broadcast what is happening here.

I also have another role – CEO of Kijiji, the eBay’s subsidiary in China. The other day, Chris (the great intern from Stanford, who has been very valuable for us) asked me: “Jian Shuo, I am just confused about why you are so hands on? I didn’t see a CEO, especially in the multinational companies who really write code.”.

My answer was a long answer. To be sure, I think I am growing more and more mature, and found some good balance between strategy, and execution. Before May this year, I really looks like a CEO – a personal whose full time job is thinking (or use the more fancy word – planning, creating strategies, read reports). However, many companies succeeds not only because of a good strategy, it is because of the right strategy combined with the right execution. I found I can still be helpful to develop the technical team because of my (luckily) technical background. So I did it. I am happy about the result so far. So I am back to the technical world – as long as I can be of help.

3 thoughts on “Writing Some Codes Tomorrow

  1. Hi there, I’ve long been a lurker on your blog and your wife’s for that matter (but it seems as though she doesn’t really update it these days). I can’t tell you the wealth of info I’ve accumulated from you.

    In any case on the topic of coding at your startup – I’m looking to do a tech startup of my own but am looking for some technical help/partners here in shanghai. Any suggestions? The obvious that I know of are posting on generic job sites like chinahr, 51job, zhaopin or referrals – anything else I can do to find techies?



  2. Hey Jianshuo. I want to give my 2cents about this. I know you always like coding and is a Tech Guy. I really don’t know if this is a good choice by you to write code and conduct those code review meetings. CEO should focus on customer not manufacturing. If you really feel like you need to do some tech work. You better think yourself as a Program Manager rather than a coder.

    You will put too much pressure on your dev leaders and dev team. You should always trust their expertise.

    I feel like even though you have a good balance between strategy and execution. Strategy Planing,reviewing and human resource related stuff should be your only work. Never should do any coding job. I don’t think showing that you are still a tech guy is a mature way for the company.

    Again this is my personal feeling. I’m not even half as smart or experienced as you.

  3. well, i guess that kind of pressure is healthy for the employee and the company. The CEO has a message for the guys out there, “hey, don’t try to pull my legs and telling me this or that is not possible to do”. If a CEO who is handful can figure out the code, why can’t you Mr/Ms. Programmer?

    Futhermore, that doesn’t mean you don’t trust your programmer. A fully committed and has high involvement CEO should be respected. He has well manage the company, proven by the expansion in business, and yet still have time for coding.


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