Keep Walking

Recently, I started to learn management and marketing. It seems to be another interesting field besides coding and technology. :-)

I am reading the book named Marketing Management and Drucker’s The Management Practices. Interesting books. It takes some time to get familiar with this field, but I am keep walking…

4 thoughts on “Keep Walking

  1. Great, jianshuo. A good manager should know more field other than coding and technology :)

    Waiting for more messages about management and marketing.

  2. I am a univesity student in management college the book your read i also stu now .hope you can offer more message about it,and i can share you sence of after reading

  3. jianshuo ,可以介绍一个USA的摩天大楼论坛给我吗 ?或关于前卫建筑的论坛 。 我在网上搜了半天都没找到 。。 谢谢 。

  4. The man who has made up his mind to win will never say “Impossible”. I am majoring in human resources management ,finding that management needs theoretics and practice,however, practice is more important. I am always considering that management exists in everywhere .Everyting in our lives seems to comes along wiht the idea of management.We should know how to combine management with handling everyting!:)

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