Happy (New) Father’s Diary

Didn’t update the blog as often as before – very normal for a new father – my night time was occupied (while, maybe attracted is the more exact word) by the little boy. It happens that these weeks are the busiest week at work, so I didn’t have time to write an entry for many days – even failed to check some comments.

OK. My thoughts about these days.


I heard a lot of people saying how hard it is to have a baby – either the course of pregenancy or having the baby born and living in the family. I heard a lot. The reality is completely different. It was so sweet and almost no bitter in it. Yes. He wakes up at night, and he needs continous attention (if he is awake, he will make some noise so that you know his existance). But sleepless nights (or sleepy nights) are so sweet (what are the other words to describe it?)

The Star of the Family

We were worrying about leaving our two-person world and step into 3-person world as a family. We thought about the ‘freedom’ we were going to lose, and have to remove any long-vacation and long-trip from calendar. That seemed scary.

The reality is, with the arrival of the baby, it is a completely more sweeter world (again, is there better word than sweet?). He is the star in the family and the Sun of the family, and the center of the family. He shines the whole house.

When I am near home, besides Wendy, I know exactly another small boy who is waiting for me (he is too long to be “waiting”, but I am sooooo longing to see him!) The closer we are, the happier I am. So does Wendy.

The Long Term Planning

How many people started long term planning after they have their children? I did. Looking at his smiling face, deep in sleep, I cannot help to imagine when he grows bigger (not a typo, I do mean physically bigger), we can go out together, play sand on sand hill together, go to all kinds of interesting places together, and have all kinds of sports together. He is a boy! A father always have a lot of tricks to share with a boy.

I also imagined how he should behave, and how he should look at this world – this is actually a reflection of myself. He is a mirror upon which I can analysis myself deeper and see myself clearer.

The Start

I wrote a little letter to him, and in the letter, I said I am happy to accompany him on his journey – his own journey (not mine). There are so many things for him to discover. There are as many for me also, just like having him is a new start of my own journey. We can be good friends in exploring this world. He learns how to be a good son while I learn how to be a good father – both are new to the role.

I encourage everyone who don’t have a child or didn’t plan for it to seriously think about it. It is much easier than I thought, much sweeter than any article describes, and much rewarding than anything else.


7 thoughts on “Happy (New) Father’s Diary

  1. Hi JS,

    I kinda miss your blog too. So glad to receive you updates…. especially news about your new kid. I guess he is the star in your blog as well. Look so many of us out here are curious to know more about kid’s update and progress everyday.

    Do keep us up to date :)

  2. No one can possibly prepare an expectant parent for what happens to your heart when that baby arrives. You found exactly the right word for it, Jian Shou — sweet. Enjoy every minute!

  3. Now, I & together with your blog readers worldwide(?) I suppose, wishes to extend our greetings….

    HAPPY FATHER’S DAY! (June 17, 2007)…

    enjoy fatherhood..

  4. Yeah, Father’s Day is coming. Enjoy your first festival as a father, Jianshuo :)

    Best wishes~

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