Name of the Baby

We are still thinking back and forth about the name of the baby. We are not going to give him an English yet (this is why), and there are at least 6 candidate names that we are still not able to decide yet. To name a baby is maybe the hardest thing in the world, just because it is such a big responsibility. Maybe, compared to raising him up, this is still a very small piece. :-)

Just as someone (I forgot the name, and the time does not allow me to check it up) in the post before the last: having a baby means more responsibility – not only for the baby, but also for Wendy. I do agree.

P.S. The little boy was able to reach out to my finger and grasp it today. What a surprise for me. He also smiled more often, and for the first time, he didn’t cry after bath. We see his progress every day. For a child, everything was counted from 0. It is a fresh start. In the first two days, I could count – the first smile, the second smile, or the first eating, the second, and very soon, I cannot count how many times he smiled to us, and how many times he cries.

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  1. Jian Shuo, he is absolutely adorable. I’m so happy for all three of you :-) I can understand the dilemma you face in choosing a name. When our second son was born, we had a name all picked out ahead of time, but when we actually “met” him, it was immediately clear that he was not a Jonathan. It took a while for him to let us know the best name for him. When your baby boy is ready to claim his identity, you will know, and it will feel right to both of you. Enjoy every single minute you possibly can of holding him in your arms — he will be taller than you are before you know it!

  2. Naming a baby is a daunting task, make sure it is easy to pronounce in both Chinese and English and easy to be remembered by others, and also bears special meanings in Chinese. Finding a good name for your child is actually helping him in the future.

    I hope Jianshuo will not make a haste decision like the way he named his car.

  3. Maybe it’s a good idea to share your candidates here for others’ opinion, or keeping it as your private right as a father is also understandable :)

  4. It took us a week to name our baby (now 4 months.) We also had a name picked out which did not seem right when we met the baby. Take your time, it’s fine.

  5. Jian Shuo, I got very busy and didn’t visit your site for a couple of weeks, so just found out the great news. Congratulations to you and Wendy! I know you will be wonderful parents. The baby looks very happy and very wise. Especially in that first picture, it seems that he knows a secret of the universe that we grownups have forgotten. I hope he’ll grow up to help create a better China and a better world. No need to rush on the name, my parents didn’t name me until I was five months old!

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