Shanghai Maglev Timetable

According to the Maglev Corp offical website, here is the schedule of Maglev:

Pudong Long Yang Road Station <----> Pudong International Airport


Long Yang Road -> Pudong Airport 7:00 – 21:00

Pudong Airport -> Long Yang Road 7:02 – 21:02

It runs at interval of 20 minutes sharp.

It means the train from Long Yang Road to Pudong Airport starts at

7:00, 7:20, 7:40, 8:00 ….. 20:40, 21:00

Please note that the top speed of Maglev is 430 km/h, which you will experience at day time. In early morning and late night, the speed will be reduced to 300 km/h for safty reasons.

P.S. This is the updated information for this old entry.

12 thoughts on “Shanghai Maglev Timetable

  1. I guess the website is not up to date. The other day I asked over the ticket counter, and they told me it is 30 minutes interval now.

  2. Did the maglev that caught fire ever get repaired and put back into service? Or is it just one trainset that now shuttles back and forth?

  3. Can you help me? I would like to make sure that the last MagLev train still leaves Pudong Airport at 9pm.

    My husband and I will arrive in Pudong Airport at 6:30pm on Friday, May 9. A friend of mine told me that traffic in Shanghai on Friday nights are horrible, it will take more than 2 hours in a taxi to get to our hotel – JW Marriott in People’s Square. So I am considering taking the Maglev, then transfer to a subway in LongYang Road to our hotel. According to the Marriot website, the People’s Square train station is only 1km from the hotel.

    I am from Taiwan, so reading and speaking Chinese is not a problem.



  4. I have a client arriving in Shanghai at 10.35pm, who wanted to catch the maglev. i have read above that the train stops running at 2100. is this true! how are people meant to get into the city. when arriving to the airport late?

  5. @holly smith, the information is right. It stops at 9:00 PM, and your client needs to take taxi, or airport bus, both are running till the last flight of the airport.

  6. Pat, yes you are right, thats a really good option to save time and dont be in the middle of the traffic for a long time, there are just 6 stops between Long Yan Road and People Square.

    good luck!

  7. Maglev to Metro transition is still not as good as it could be yet. Hope there are better way to use the same ticket system in the future.

  8. New Time table from the official site

    Longyang Road Station : First train: 6:45 Last train: 21:40

    Pudong Airport Station : First train: 7:02 Last train: 21:42

    Headway: each 20 minutes

    磁浮列车龙阳路站运行信息 Information

    运行时间 Operation Time 6:45–21:40

    首班车 First Train 龙阳路站 Longyang Rd. Station 6:45

    机场站 Airport Station 7:02

    末班车 Last Train 龙阳路站 Longyang Rd. Station 21:40

    机场站 Airport Station 21:42

    发车间隔 Interval 6:45-17:00 15 mins.

    17:00-21:40 20 mins.

    最高速度 Max Speed 6:45-8:45 300km/h

    9:00-10:45 430km/h

    11:00-12:45 300km/h

    13:00-16:45 430km/h

    17:00-21:40 300km/h

    磁浮列车机场站运行信息 Information

    运行时间 Operation Time 7:02–21:42

    首班车 First Train 龙阳路站 Longyang Rd. Station 6:45

    机场站 Airport Station 7:02

    末班车 Last Train 龙阳路站 Longyang Rd. Station 21:40

    机场站 Airport Station 21:42

    发车间隔 Interval 7:02-17:02 15 mins.

    17:02-21:42 20 mins.

    最高速度 Max Speed 7:02-8:47 300km/h

    9:02-10:47 430km/h

    11:02-12:47 300km/h

    13:02-16:47 430km/h

    17:02-21:42 300km/h

  9. my queries are as follows:

    my international flight out of pudong is at 2.00pm..Is there a chance i could get the Maglev to pudong airport to catch the flight and ( 2 ) does the train get near to the airport or does on have to take a cab to the airport ?



  10. Hi,

    How do I get to Asset Hotel at Wan Ping Road from Pudong International Airport?

    I will touch down at 6.40am this Saturday.

    Can I take the Maglev?

  11. Does the Maglev train only run between the Shanghai airport and the city or does it have other routes?

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