24 Hours in Flickr – Part II

This is the 24 Hours in Flickr for my May 5, 2007.

9:34 Waking Up

9:34 Waking Up, originally uploaded by jianshuo.

In the morning, 9:34 AM Bejiing Time (GMT +8), I wake up.

This is the typical time I wake up on weekend. I agree with some kind of imagination that there should be 25 hours a day – because everyday, I want to go to bed one hour later than yesterday, and wake up 1 hour later.

This is the big IKEA clock I have in my living room. The light reflection is from the direction of the garden.

09:33 Books I Like

Books I like, originally uploaded by jianshuo.

In the early morning (well, not so early, it was 9:30 AM already), I took the first photo of my 24 hour in Flickr. These are the books I like most – most of the books (the 7 on the right) was written by Alan de Botton. The result was by Lin Yutang, and others.

09:38 Soap


This is the soap. I only have very few left. Need to go to the super market to buy a new one.

09:43 Red Leaf Trees

The red leaf trees in my garden – I know the Chinese name 红枫 but don’t know how to tell it in English. This is not a sunny day – why every weekend in Shanghai has to be a cloudy or froggy day?

09:43 New SMS on Wendy’s Mobile

New SMS arrives as early as 9:43 AM on Wendy’s mobile, and waken her up.

09:44 Clock #2

This is the old clock I bought 8 years ago, when I just graduated. The clock still works well. Time flys.


  1. Beautiful maple leaves!

  2. Yes, the pretty red leaves are from the maple tree.

    By the way, the weelkend is foggy day, not froggy, a frog is a small animal.

  3. auto white balance is so bad?

  4. Some new photos are fantastic!

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