Back from Xiamen

I am back from the 3rd China Webmaster Forum. It was intensive two days, and we have a wonderful, wonderful Kijiji night at the event. There are too many friends and interesting people to talk with, so we always sleep at 2:00 PM (with many people still hang around and talking), and wake up early in the morning. Let me make up some sleep and then post some pictures of the trip. (I didn’t bring my camera, and will post others’ photos)

6 thoughts on “Back from Xiamen

  1. Jianshuo,

    I think you meant to say you guys partied until 2 AM and not PM, right? Indeed, it’s great fun catching up with good friends, especially those we haven’t seen for a while.


  2. hi, i didn;t know you would come to Xiamen. i am living here. Looking forward to see your pictures

  3. i am so happy to visit your blog.

    of course i am a chinese, i am studying English now,but i am at a low lever.i want to ask that if you are a least i kown that your parengs are chinese.

    i also have interesting in history,especially about china.may be people in other countries think chinese people are stupid,yes,i get it on your blog,i am angry about it!

    do you recognize chinese,i saw a very perfect movie before, it is霸王别姬,about 文化 大 革命and京剧,it valuble to enjoy looking.

    i will be back and i also hope to make friends with you!

    good luck for you.

  4. Hi, your website is interesting in general, but I found too much ads are pretty annoying, though I understand that the web is for commercial purpose

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