Perfect Beijing Trip with CA933

This is how my typical Beijing trip starts:

There is a great flight called CA933 (Air China).

It left Shanghai Pudong Airport at 8:50 AM to Beijing and arrives at 11:20 AM. The good thing for Air China is, based on my own experience, the on time rate is much higher than China Eastern.

I should call a taxi to arrive at 7:30 AM the previous night. Do call early since last night I tried many taxi company and all their taxi were booked. The only one still have taxi is Bashi (Tel: +021-96084).

I should set my alarm clock to 7:00 AM sharp.

Get package and get to taxi at 7:30 AM.

Arrives at the airport at 8:07 AM (from 7:29 to 8:07 AM, 32.8km cost 100 RMB, and almost 40 minutes)

Check in and pass the security, and when I arrive at the gate 54, it started boarding.

Get onto the airplane, settle down. Before it took off, I fell asleep.

Wake up in the middle to have breakfast, continue to sleep, and was wake up again by the shock and noise when the airplane landed. It is 11:20 AM sharp.

Grab a taxi and visit places near Guomao. Arrived 11:57 (11:31 – 11:57 AM, 26 km, 70 RMB, about half hour).

Meet whom I am going to meet and have lunch together.

See! What a perfect schedule – wake up on time, arrive at airport just in time, and arrive in Beijing just in time for lunch.

What is bad though, I lost completely one morning on taxi or airplane.

P.S. There are many passengers for Paris, since CA733 will stop at the airport for about one hour and leave for Paris at 12:30.


  1. Your blog post on August 1, 2004: 5 Reasons this New Train is Better than Plane.

    Why don’t you take the train anymore?

  2. How much is parking at Pudong airport? Do they have short-term and long-term parking?


  3. It’s waste book~haha :)

    I saw you and your kijiji at CCW’s news, here is the URL:

    Congratulations for your success!

  4. For business trip, airlines are obviously time-effective way to travel over train.

    I don’t think they have special parking rate. I never drove there and park overnight, because I am afraid I will go bankrupt if I park there for a week.

  5. I am so surprised that you should pay more attention to “time”. So detailed.

    However, meanwhile, admire that you tell your air-trip experience clearly.

    What do you think of the taxi fee , considering the distance and others.

  6. Well. Didn’t think of the taxi fee – it is just as it is. 2 RMB per km, and more expensive when it is 10km or longer.

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