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Maybe it is good news for many readers who rely on RSS to read this blog. I have changed all my RSS feed from excerpt only to full text. That means, no matter what reader you use, from Google Reader, to Bloglines, to, you will read FULL TEXT of this blog in your reader software/sites.

This is not a hard decision for me. Everyone (100%) of the more than 10 reponses voted for full text. It is a typical example that everyone knows the alternative is better (except for me), but didn’t tell me. I am the one who can make the change, but I didn’t realize it – you know, maybe I am the single person who don’t have to use a reader to read my article – I read it in my ‘editor’ window and on my blog only.

OK. I suggest people to take the chance to think about what I can do to make the site more useful and more convinient. If I know that, and if I can do it (easily), I will do it. Thanks again (for the third time) for cube316 to point it out.

P.S. If you haven’t yet, use these two links to subscribe this blog via RSS:

RSS 1.0 Feed
RSS 2.0 Feed

10 thoughts on “RSS Changed to Full Text

  1. Good news for me. I have been reading your blog by RSS Since i update my OutLook from 2003 to 2007(It supports RSS).

    I even want to wirte to ask you change it to fulltext.

  2. Jianshuo, thanks for your previous tips on setting up a personal blog site. Now mine is up and running. I would welcome you and your friends to the grand unveiling. Hope you will write more on your own blogging experience. Though we are using different blogware, your ideas are always very inspiring.

  3. I think this is really neat. I hate starting to read and then finding out that it’s an excerpt and having to follow the link. I think that all feeds should be set up like this.

  4. so one more question/suggestion: where is the comment rss?

    I only found this link on the homepage which is unavailable at the time of post:

    I know wordpress has rss feed for comments but since you use MT here, I’ve no idea about this, maybe Jianshuo you will check this out? :P

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