Full Text RSS Feed for This Blog?

Cube316 asked whether I want to turn on full text feed for the RSS of my blog. Both excerpt or full text is OK for me. My decision depends on which one my readers’ love better.

So the question is yours, and decision is yours:

Do you like
A) Full Text of each entry in my RSS feed, or
B) Excerpt in the RSS for conciseness.

Please give me suggestions in the next week, and I will change to full text if everyone likes it, or keep the current setting.

In case you didn’t know I provide RSS yet, try this URL:


You can subscribe to this blog via RSS reader like Google Reader, Bloglines, or client side readers.

15 thoughts on “Full Text RSS Feed for This Blog?

  1. Jianshuo, great blog. I prefer the full text feed. I use Google, and prefer to see the whole entry if possible since most of your entries are short and sweet.

    Thanks and keep up the good work.

  2. Hi Jianshuo, have been a fan of your blog. I use Google Reader too and would prefer full text RSS feed. Great blog!

  3. Hi, I like your posts very much, I have been to Shanghai last year twice, and you can tell me more about Shanghai City. Well, I prefer to full text RSS feed, in that case, I don’t need to click one more time. Thanks for your blog.

  4. I prefer full text feed, and will click the feed link to your site if I’m interested in the discussions that may follow the article.

  5. Hehe. It seems everyone (at least from the poll above) likes full text feed. My original thought was about concise, but anyway, let me change it to full text soon.

    Well. This blog is a public service. Please just let me know what is the best way to fit your needs. Thanks cube316 to raise the question – I just wonder why someone else didn’t let me know ealier? (OK, I admit that someone commented about it about 2 years ago, if I remember it good).

  6. please please please full text!! it’s so annoying to click on the individual article everytime you want to read the full version.

  7. Hi JianShuo.

    Being a fan of your blog as well as Google Reader, I would vote for full text. The main is reason is that I read Google Reader using my mobile phone with Opera mobile. And I rarely have the time to read your full post as it requires to log on your website (loading time on mobile phone is long…). So, don’t hesitate one more second and turn on the full text RSS thread.

  8. Another google reader reader in favor of full text. But you can give both options using feedburner or wordpress options.

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