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This blog is my most important digital assert. I cannot imagine what happens when it crashes someday, or I lose all my data. So backup is critical for me – even more critical than my bank account. Here is the backup plan. I hope it is also helpful to other bloggers like me. It also reveals some backstage information about the architecture of this blog.

Critical Server Information:

Hosting Started at: 28-Mar 2006

Current Hosting Plan Ends at: Sat 28-Mar-2009

Host provider:

Download Database Backup

I guess this is even more important than file backup. So I will do it first everytime.

Here are the links to the 5 database I have on this server:






It should be named as backup-sql-databasename-m-d-yyyy.tar

A typical file size should look like:

backup-sql-926-3-20-2007.tar 37,305

backup-sql-bbpress-3-20-2007.gz 39,926

backup-sql-blog-3-20-2007.gz 5,984,544

backup-sql-blogcn-3-20-2007.gz 2,487,559

backup-sql-public-3-20-2007.gz 954,123

Daily File Backup

I should transfer data from this URL:

to this URL:

D:\jswangmy\Web\History and Backups\

Please make sure the backup file using the backup tool is always named as

Home Directory Backup

Instead of the Full Backup, I found the Home Directory Backup Even more helpful, since most of the (huge) data outside my home is useless for me.

That is from:


d:\jswangmy\Web\History and Backups\


Hosting Provider:

It is less strait forward than the You have to enter an email address at (new window)

and email you when the backup is created.

I have put the backup files in the backup folder. So the only thing I need to do is to click the backup file to download it. (Password required, of cause)

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