The Painted Veil Movie

Recently watched the Painted Veil DVD, for twice.

It is a very good movie, and I love the conciseness and the details of the movie. It is the few touching movie I have seen. Zhang Zhang was very correct, that it is the movie directors should make.

Highly recommendate!

12 thoughts on “The Painted Veil Movie

  1. I know it’s china. But it is still appalling when you see people who are college graduates and work for a foreign company think there’s nothing wrong with buying illegally copied DVDs and have no respect for others’ property rights.

  2. Check link here. The DVD is available on Joyo, and most super-market in China.

    Unlike U.S., currently, most movies were issued via DVD soon after, or even before the movie hits theater. The genunine copy of the DVD was published by the China Audio-Visual Publishing House, with record number: CNA120700080.

    If you can read Chinese, here is the related information.

    ·英文名称:The Painted Veil


    ·国家:United States/美国

















    I have written another article about it. I am not sure which is a more advanced model, but don’t take it for granted that DVD is always late than movie. It is not so in the film industry in China — I am not talking about the pirated DVD market yet.

  3. I have been buying ORIGINAL dvds since they are dirt cheap and they always work. Asking people around me, none has bought pirated copies since one cannot ask for refund if they don’t work. I am therefore amused by some of the remarks that since it is China it must be illegal. Furthermore, it is insensitive (at least to me!) to single out graduates and workers of foreign companies as culprits unless there are statistics to support this view.

  4. amused: Asking the people around you is not a good way to sample statistics. You do not buy bootleg copies. Good for you! Statistics also says that you are in the minority. The street corner bootleg stores would not exist if there are no customers.

    The government of China does not do a good job of enforcing copyright laws. You have to be living in a cave to not know that.

  5. Давид:

    I do agree that when it comes to IT products, more can be done to enforce the IP laws.

    However, when the price between an original DVD and a bootleg copy is no longer significant, any consumer with a decent mindset would have bought the original. There are several reasons:-

    1. You can exchange for a new one if what you bought is not working

    2. Sometimes, there are promotions, eg lucky draws, from the production companies when you buy ORIGINAL DVDs.

    3. Some superstores have campaigns to promote loyalty among consumers. For example, when you buy a DVD/CD from the store, they give you a sticker. When you gather all stickers required, you are entitled to some free gifts.

    In fact, it would really be harsh for so-called “street corner bootleg stores” to survive when original ones are selling for US$2!

    Therefore, I find your comment about the DVD industry, i.e. ” It’s China. Of course it’s a bootleg”, skewed and absurdly reductive.

    I do not need to live in a cave to be enjoying a joke like that.

  6. Amused: You mentioned several reasons to buy genuine DVDs. However, the fact is that street corner bootleg stores still exist in HUGE numbers. You don’t own one of those stores. You don’t know if it’s “harsh” to operate such a store. What I can tell you is that, if it’s not profitable, no one would be doing it.

    Even if you don’t want to face the facts, China is the bootleg capital of the world. It’s not just software and movies. It’s also clothing, watches, designer handbags, perfume, liquor, even pills.

  7. Just like this story wants to tell us, love is closed to the distant. Walter left Kitty along at home and didn’t tell to her any more. At the same time, Kitty felt very sorry to her husband, but she didn’t know how to explain her love to Walter. Their love just liked the beautiful china which was covered with a painted veil.

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