Eric is in New York

From Eric’s blog, he is flying to New York. He posted two pictures, which does not seem to be true – it is more like a 3D model.

Photograph by Eric Zheng

Photograph by Eric Zheng

Few days ago, when Eric chatted with me on MSN, he said he was going to New York. I asked why. He simply said the cheap flight ticket is good. He cares more about the cheap flight ticket, and the trip is even like a side-result of the flight. :-) So he is there!

It reminds me of the cold winter in New York in 2004.

Look at what I have here for that winter:

  1. Taxi in New York City
  2. Life in New York is Tough for Me
  3. Subways in New York
  4. Skyscrapers in New York
  5. I am in Shanghai
  6. Cold New York
  7. New York Pictures
  8. Christmas Eve in New York City
  9. New York – Day 2

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  1. Xiang Li
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We had lunch at Hengge’s home last Sunday.


  1. just 4 a cheap flight…

    wot a lovely old boy…

  2. This week is a bad time to visit New York. Forecast for today: high of -6° C , low of -14° C.

  3. :) I am penguin. I can easy deal with the coldness. However, it’s really cold.

    Yes, I was planning for some place in europe, like greece or spain, in later time (spring or early summer).

    But I got the NorthWest Airline promotion email in early Janurary. ShanghaiNYC roundtrip is only 4,050 CNY (500 USD plus) before tax and surcharges. So in less then three seconds, I said “ok, i am going to new york”.

  4. $500!?! That’s pretty cheap. Was it a direct flight? My flight (Washington, D.C to Shanghai via Chicago and Tokyo) was $765 three years ago.

    Personally, I wouldn’t fly anywhere (except for the southern semisphere) for vacation in the winer. Winter is brutal outside and I prefer sitting in front of a fireplace with my hot chocolate.

  5. I meant winter.

  6. It’s -3C in Boston today and the guy on the Weather Channel was calling it a heat wave.

  7. It’s 20c degree in shanghai today,very hot.


  8. In fact, in China, there are cheap flight tickets. From Wuhan to Guangzhou, only 300RMB now.

  9. Hi,

    why don’t you post something about the coming Spring Festival

    I read what you wrote in 2005 and was very useful to understand was is going to happen in the next days

    thanks nico

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