New Xiangyang Market Location?

Many people ask me about the new location of Xiangyang Market.

There are many versions to this answer since every emerging market is trying hard to claim themselves as the NEW Xiangyang Market. Non of the claim can be verified since as a market famous for fake goods, there is no official answer.

Shanghai Science and Technology Museum

It seems to ME that the one under the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum is the most similar one I saw so far.

There are some characteristic of Xiangyang Market:

1. Tons of small shops for cloth.

2. High price in offer, low price in final deal.

3. Fake goods – good with pretty good quality, but use the brand name they don’t own.

The new market is true in these three criteria.

Especially on the second one:

High Price in Offer, Low Price in Final Deal

Remember a rule: Never, ever pay more than 1/3 of the price they offer for the first time.

Example, for a jacket, if you are the price, they said: “300 RMB”, you typically can get it at 100 RMB or so.

For foreigners, their first offer is typically higher.

The Location

Take Metro #2 and it is at the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum. Do NOT exit the station. It is just at the basement level of the station.


18 thoughts on “New Xiangyang Market Location?

  1. I have heard a lot about a DVD crack down. Before flying to Shanghai what is the situation regarding DVD,s in general Thanks

  2. JianShuo, can the same tactic of bargaining (70% off) applies to the vendors at Shanghai Old Street or Yu Yuan? I found these vendors are hard to negotiate.

  3. They are not as flexible. For them, don’t bargain too hard. 20% off should be a good deal in places out of Xiangyang Market. (I don’t shop a lot. I just have the impression.)

  4. No wonder! when I counter-offered one-third of the asking prices, often received hostile receiptions at shops of the old city.

  5. Last time I went to Yuyuan, I bought a beautiful souvenir for my mom. I still think that it was too expensive, but the lady said 600RMB as initial price. I bargained it down to 200RMB, arguing that I’m a poor student, looking at other, cheaper stuff she had in her shop, too. If you don’t show that you want something at all costs, then you might get a better price. And I got a student bonus, too ;)

    Anyway, even though I “only” paid 200RMB, I still think it was too expensive. But my mom loved it, so it was worth it :)

  6. I lived in Shanghai for almost 4 years and just moved out there in Sept. of 2006. Like many foreigners who either move to Shanghai for short term basis or visit there for several days, I used to go to Xiangyang Market quite often, and therefore learned the tricks or art of getting bargains.

    The rule of the thumb is never espect to make the purchase in the first shop you go into, instead ask the price of a merchandise you are interested in at the first shop, then say, ” Too expensive, thank you” and walk away. Don’t bargain at this point because you don’t know what’s the best price to offer, but the vendors know their costs. If you name a price which is accepted, then you are obligated to buy. Of course we ought to let them make some money, but not outrageious amount. As you are walking away, the shop owners will most likely start lowering prices. At this point, you can ask, “How much? (after they tell you just say) but it’s still much higher than aother store’s price.” Then continue to walk away. By this time, you already know the lowest price for that merchandise without having to bargain at all.

    Since you can find the same or similar merchandise in other stores, just go to a second shop that sells the same or similar things you want to buy and say “I’ve seen this in some other stoeres, how much is your price?” The vendor hears that you’ve already been to other shops and assume you know the prices, so will not ask for a high asking price. Whatever price he or she gives you, just say, ” it’s too high”, and then walk away slowly. You do this in three different shops, you ought to get a feel of what you can get them for. They if you really want the item, offer a price 20-30% lower than the lowest price you were told earlier. If you are interested in other merchandise in the same shops, start asking the its lowest price, offer a lower price if you really want it and bundle it with the other item you want to buy together. In other words, either either you buy both or none. At this point, the owner would not want to kill the deal and will let you have them at your prices.

    Anohter tactic I used to use is I would say(I’m Asian American and speak Manderin, which helps a great deal), I’m not a tourist, I live in Shanghai so I’m not in a hurry to buy this item. I don’t like to bargain either. If the price is reasonable, I would buy it. If on the other hand I don’t like the price, I just don’t buy it. Most vendors in this case would offer much lower starting prices. I generally say thank you but it’s too high, and I would leave. Often times, the vendors will lower the price again. See I never named a price and hence not obligated to buy.

    Truthfully speaking, it’s very time consuming shopping this way, but since I did live in Shanghai and had the free time to kill, I didn’t care if I bought anything or not. If I find a good shop with reasonable prices, I usually would go back with my visitors to SH. If you like the shop owners, get their cards and write down the prices of what you paid for on the cards. At least if you have to shop for the samething again, you don’t have to repeat the same process again. And the vendors are generally good to their “old customers”. When you do go back, they’ll be nice to you and may give you even better prices.”

    Another good tactic is after you are told of the price of an item, ask how much would it be if I buy 8 or 10 of them? In other words, find out the “whole sale” price. They would give you very low price by the bulk. If you are not going to buy more than one or two, then say, I’ll go home and ask my friends to come and buy with me next time. They don’t want you to leave that day, and often will offer you the same price for one as they had said as they would for 10.

  7. another good alternative to the market at SSTM (Shanghai Science and Technology Museum) is also located in Pudong, close to Time Square, next to McDonalds. It is a big building with loud and noisy loudspeakers outside.

    In the second and third floor you can get all the stuff that I formerly purchased at Xiangyang Market. And the prices are lower than at SSTM, according to my observation and experience. T- and Polo- shirts I purchase between 30-40 RMB, NorthFace jacket around 100-120RMB, Montblanc pens at 10RMB and so on….

    I really support twang`s strategy of bargaining at these market – the same that I am using and it works definitely

  8. HI Wang,

    is the Renaissance Hotel near to this new XY market? I am searching for hotel that easy access to the new XY market. pls advise.

  9. i will visit shanghia, canton and beijing next month i would like to buy leather jackets, best quality fake market prices

    your help will be highly appreciated

  10. I will be going to Shanghai in first week of September for only 2 days. How’s the weather like during that time and what is the opening and closing hours of the new xiangyang market. Thanks…. I really hope that I have time to go there.

  11. where is the closet hotel to this area?

    is there anything else like this market in town?

    thank you all

  12. I will be staying at the Sheraton Shanghai Hotel & Residences, Pudong

    No. 38 Pujian Road · Shanghai, Shanghai 200127 in may 09 where is my best pls to shop for taliored pants jean t shirts shoes etc will be there for 3 days thanks Bruno

  13. hi my name is Liz

    i sell purses in Muskegon so i want to come to chicago in two weeks to get some purses from you guys give me the address my husband and i are comimg

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