Pudong Airport to Portman Ritz Carlton Hotel

My previous experience in Australia taught me that the most important question people arrive at an airport in a completely new country is: “How can I get to my hotel, as fast as I can?” (src). This serie of articles serves a simple propose – to help you to get to your hotel as quick as possible, and as easy as possible. To find out how to go from Pudong Airport to another hotel, scroll to the end of this page.

Where is the Hotel

Portman Ritz Carlton Hotel is always the best hotel in my own rating system. Please note the “Best” here does mean the single top 1 hotel. Its service, location, room are simply the best.

It is located at the heart of the city. To give you some idea of the city, let me explain the location this way.

Shanghai is a very large city in space. It has an inner ring elevated road, and an outer ring. Pudong Airport is outside Outer Ring, and Ritz Carlton Hotel is almost exactly in the center of the inner ring.

There are many ways to go from Pudong Airport to the Ritz Carlton Hotel.

By Airport Bus

You are lucky to stay in this (expensive) hotel. There is one airport shuttle bus route directly connecting the airport and the hotel.

Airport Shuttle #2, from Pudong Airport to Shanghai Exhibition Center (which is right across the Nanjing Road of the hotel).

You can buy ticket at the ticket counter (no reservation needed) when you walk out of the International Arrival Hall. The price is 19 RMB (7.8 RMB = 1 USD).

It operates from 7:20 AM till the last flight arrival at Pudong Airport.

By Taxi

Highly recommended. If to get to your hotel is the first and most important thing, and you don’t want to experience the city too early, taxi is the choice.

I have to explain to people (especially from U.S.) that taxi in Shanghai is not as expensive as in the States (I am not saying it is NOT expensive. It is just not AS expensive). My estimation for the trip between airport and the hotel is 140 RMB or less than 20 USD, and it costs about 1 hour and 20 minutes.

Maglev? I know you will like it

If you are not tired, and you have time, and you want to experience the city right after leaving your plane, why not take the Maglev, the fastest train in the world.

There is the location of Maglev Station (and how you get there), and in 8 minutes, you will be at the Long Yang Road Station.

After than, you can either continue your trip with a taxi (there are always many of them waiting there), or take Metro Line #2. The Maglev and Metro stations are the same building (to be more exact, two adjacent buildings).

Take Metro Line #2 to the Jing An Temple 静安寺 station. It takes about 30 minutes. You have to walk for a while (5 minutes?) to get to the Hotel. If you still have a sense of direction then, go east!

Call the Hotel!

The hotel has pickup service, and they have a counter at the airport. If you are used to hotel picking up, try it. (personally, I don’t like this option).

So….. enjoy your trip. In the future, I will give more directions to other hotels.

7 thoughts on “Pudong Airport to Portman Ritz Carlton Hotel

  1. Good idea. Getting to the hotel can be intimidating for many first time visitors.

    Two suggestions:

    1. The airport bus #2 is indeed a great deal. I think it picks up right outside door 6 or 7 at Pudong’s international side. However, unless things have changed recently, the downtown terminus is not across the street at the Exhibition Center. Rather, it’s at the Shanghai City Terminal, right above the Jing An Temple metro station, which, as Jian Shuo mentioned, is about 5 minutes’ walk from the Portman. Several other hotels, including the Hilton and the JC Mandarin are also nearby.

    2. If you do take a taxi, make sure you have the hotel name or address printed out in Chinese characters to show the driver, since the Chinese names of hotels are usually very different from the English names. For the Shanghai Ritz Carlton, it’s 波特曼大酒店,上海商城 (Portman Hotel, Shanghai Centre).

  2. Tihs hotel is very expensive (that is the reason I started with this one). It costs about 2000 RMB to 5000 RMB per night.

    Oliver, thanks for the addition.

    For the Shuttle Bus #2, does it change distination? Let me find it out.

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  4. I just came to Shanghai and i have chosen hotel’s pickup service. It was though not so good idea. The price was from Pudong Airport to Radisson – New World 550 RMB.

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