The Great Well in Jinmao Tower

I would recommend people who are interested in architecture, or who enjoy staying in a modern (even post-modern) building, to visit the 56th floor of the Jinmao Tower. It is a bar on the 56th floor of Grand Haytt (inside Jinmao Tower). Above the bar, is a GREAT WELL (I gave the name) that is 40+ floors in height.

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17 thoughts on “The Great Well in Jinmao Tower

  1. The view is indeed breath-taking and makes you feel dizzy. At least it did it for me. Stayed in the hotel last time and I couldn’t stop admiring the view.

    Definitely worth the visit. Remember to visit the Cloud 9 restaurant also on top of the hotel.

  2. Wow! that’s about all I can think to say, JS — just really wow!! You do such a good job capturing photos with interior light. These really convey the feeling of looking up and saying “wah!”

  3. It is indeed a great place to be. I have the feeling of staying in an outter space. You have no idea about what time or location you are in. I love the feeling.

    The roof is like 30+ stories high. Impressive.

    I don’t know whether the architecture intentionally designed it that way: you go pass a pretty low ceiling and enter the area of the bar. Most people don’t look up before they take their seat. It seems to be a normal bar. But when you happen to look up, most people will found themself in a special location, and say: “WOWW…”

  4. The photos are indeed very good, I wish I could take such photos. My photos from Jin Mao Tower do not look anything like these.

    The amount of WOWs you here there is amazing. Somehow it feels that just the view makes people very happy, there is something special in that building. Although, sometimes when you are trying to get to your room, you just have to get through all the tourists trying to figure how to get from the lobby to the best place to enjoy the view :) The two elevators needed to be taken before getting to the top of the hotel is one of the reasons why there is constant flow of tourists in the hotel lobby.

    But definitely my favourite hotel now in Shanghai. We had such a nice time there last time. I wish I could be there right now …

    mcgjcn: Yes, I am a Finn. You seem to recognise the names and their origins very well :)

  5. …my office window used to face JM Tower, and it was so beautiful in the afternoon when it glittered under the sunshine :-)

    Miikka, I am with Finnish company and have had Finnish superiors for a few years… very sensitive towards Finnish names :-D

    Jian Shuo, mabye Miikka is the first Finn here?

  6. According to there was also some other architects involved:

    “Bregman + Hamann Architects was involved in the design of the Grand Hyatt’s food court/theatre area.”

    mcgjcn: I am surprised if I am the first Finn here :) I hope you have had good experiences about Finnish superiors over the few years. We are sometimes a little bit quiet people but not always. And not all of us.

  7. Miikka may not be the first Finn here, but of cause an active one. Thansk Miikka.

    Jinmao is a great building. I admit I was a little bit dissapointed when the building was just completed – not so mordern or memoriable. But after time past by, I start to enjoy the “Chinese traditional” style of the building combined with morden steel, and glass architecture.

  8. In my opinion the building is very modern and has fantastic details everywhere. Inside and outside. I was amazed how much little details here and there I was able to find. And they didn’t just add some Chinese styling just for the purpose but they actually were able to add details, which are contributing to the bigger picture.

    I loved the Chinese characters above the bed in the room, I do not read Chinese at all but I was told that they were just Chinese characters without any kind of message. They looked beautiful, like carved into the wall. And the bathroom with lots of stone and glass. Wow.

    Every texture in the building seems to be well thought. The details together form a bigger picture, which is quite harmonic and peaceful. I found myself enjoying the modern looking building, which at the same time wasn’t restless like some of the modern buildings often are. The whole building seems to be peaceful.

    When I left the building for the first time in September, I knew that I have to return to experience it more. And I returned and stayed at the hotel in November. Even enjoyed the cloudy moment when you weren’t able to see anything but clouds from the hotel room.

    This building has some magic in it and it needs to be experienced before you can understand it. I hope that the people visiting the building will experiencing that magic.

  9. Miikka, exactly. By checking the inside of the world helped me to understand its outside look. It is a good combination of mordern and tradition, western and eastern.

    I am not sure what the taller Shanghai World Financial Tower looks like after it is completed.

  10. Shanghai World Financial Tower – Is that what they are building near Jinmao Tower?

    I was watching how they kept building it almost all night. I did sleep during the night so I am not sure if they ever stopped but to me it seemed that there was always something happening in that construction site.

  11. I doubt the inside of the Shanghai World Financial Tower would be as stunning as JM Tower…?

    Moi taas Miikka, I like Finns for the honesty and straightness… yes, not all of them are quiet ;-)

  12. Hi Jian Shou,

    I was just having a lttle ‘surf’ around this wonderful site of yours, and came across this page. I am very familiar with this building an it’s architecture. this is where Sammi and I held our formal wedding celebrations last year (with all our family and friends), and we later stayed in the honeymoon suite in the Grand Hyatt… absolutely beautiful building!!!

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