Inaccessible was not accessible since the last time I posted. The cable was completely cut off, and I am using a proxy to get very slow access to the site. Just want to post a note to let people know I am still OK, but I am not able to update the blog since I cannot access the site from China now.

Hope the Internet cable between China and the rest of the world is repaired soon. Optimistic opinion is, it will be OK within 2 or three weeks.

Today, very limited Internet access to outside China was recovered. Many sites are still not accessible. People in U.S. should have no problem to visit this site.

Some technical background: This site is hosted in U.S., and updated from Shanghai, daily.

6 thoughts on “ Inaccessible

  1. Jian Shuo, there is obviously a big problem still going on. Several of my emails to individuals in China were returned as ‘undeliverable’.

  2. Thank you, Jian Shuo, for keeping us posted. We get to tell our

    friends in China (by phone) what the conditions are and when it is likely to be repaired, as if we had inside information that they

    (who don’t read your blog) can’t get. Ah, GuanXi.

  3. it’s not just an earthquake problem. they also need to keep the sharks away from chewing on the fiber optic cable. inject shark repellant into the cable.

  4. The server is with I even don’t know where their data center is. :-)

    Access to my blog resumed (via proxy in my company). It is still not accessible without a proxy. That is good. I can resume my blogging now.

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