A Picture in Shanghai

Night in Shanghai Pudong. Taken near the Yang Pu bridge in Pudong (Heisong Road, and MingYue Road).

P.S. Back from Beijing. When I travel, the regular updates the blog may be interrupted. Hope to be back to normal pace soon.

4 thoughts on “A Picture in Shanghai

  1. When you get time would you tell me the 3 best places to visit in mainland china ? James Mills MD

  2. James, can you name 3 best places to visit in continental US. What answer will I get from 10 people from 10 different state/city? More specific question in your field, how would you rank US cities based on their health care systems (list top 3).

  3. James: I just returned from a 3-week tour of the mainland and I would rank the top 3 things I saw as:

    1) Terra Cotta Warriors/Emporor Qing’s Tomb in Xi’an…very impressive in person!

    2) Beijing (Great Wall, Forbidden City + more)

    3) Shanghai city area and Suzhou city area and gardens (1.5 hour drive from Shanghai)

    #1 and #2 are almost equal, slight edge to the Warriors though. Wish I had more time in Shanghai, I only had 1.5 days. I will be going back to visit Shanghai in a couple years for a week or so.

  4. i am thinking why there are so many people from different countrys??

    and may be i should say at first that i am a chinese!

    why they came here ?

    may you think that’s a simple question so you don’t want to answer/is’t JS!

    but i think if you answer me i will feel good !

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