Meeting Place: Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf

This is the meeting place: Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf.

The only propose for this entry is to write down something to describe a venue – a cafe shop, that I can send the URL of this page to others so I don’t need to describe the location every time I make an appointment.


Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf,

1F, 666 Fuzhou Road


It is at the corner of Fuzhou Road, and Yunnan Road (福州路云南路路口). If you still have a sense of direction in the maze of streets, it is at east side of Yunan Road, and north side of Fuzhou Road (that is, the same side of Fuzhou Road as Raffles City, and opposite side of Yunnan Road).


Taxi is the best way to get there. Just tell the taxi to stop at the corner of Fuzhou Road, and Yunnan Road (福州路云南路路口). It is in the People’s Square area, so it won’t be more than 20 RMB to get there from anywhere in the downtown.

If you take Metro, go to the People’s Square Station of either Metro Line #1 or Line #2 (it is the same station), and use exit #2. You will be at Raffles City, and the coffee shop is just 100 meters away.

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  1. but could i give you some advice? you could write some meaningful articles,for that we can have something to comment. thank you

  2. I wish you could post more update info for Shanghai’s cool places ( I am visiting Shanghai this summer 2007). What is about the meeting place? What is the meetup about? If it’s your personal meeting with friends, disregard this question.


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