Mena’s Presentation on Ted

Look and listen to Mena’s presentation on blogging on Ted.

Nice talk. It was so lovely presentation that I watched it three times.

I have been a reader of Mena since 2002. She is such a great writer, and a presenter (which I just discovered). She restated the meaning of a blog and how it impact people’s life. I found it is very helpful for me at least, to remind me that a blog is all about keep some record about your life to help you to understand your life, even your children, or grandchildren about your life. This is very inspiring thinking, isn’t? I encourage everyone to watch the video.

Mena started to take a picture of herself – this looks stupid (as stupid as I write a blog everyday), but it does help to create a record of someone’s day!

My Record

Santa Cruz is amazing, and people around is more amazing. By looking at the profiles of people around me, I just cannot believe so talented and experienced people gathered in the same room, and really chat and role play to understand the leadership style of everyone. That is great.

I like the Sunshine of California. Although it is much colder to be in the mountains of Santa Cruz, it is still so warm in the afternoon, that I threw myself into the nice soft outdoor sofa in the noon, and within 30 seconds, I felt asleep. Seriously, within 30 seconds!

4 thoughts on “Mena’s Presentation on Ted

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  2. Hello,

    I am very glad to know you on line. I saw your are sunshine guy in the picture.

    You experienced variouse aspects of life. That’s wonderful.

    I can also learn from you in english language or your points of view.

    Looking forward to contacting with you in future.


    Best wishes.


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