Metron #2 Station Name Change

There are some changes to the Metro Line #2.

1. The Dongfang Road Station 东方路站 was renamed as Centuary Park Ave. Station 世纪大道站, and was reopened this Monday. Today when I pass by the station, I found it already very crowded – looks like another People’s Square station. It IS bigger than People’s Square station in the plan.

2. Middle Henan Road Station 河南中路站 will be renamed as East Nanjing Road Station 南京东路站. This morning, the broadcast in Metro train has been changed but all the signs and logos on the platform were not changed yet.

3. Shimen No. 1 Road Station 石门一路站 will be renamed as West Nanjing Road Station 南京西路站.

That is the update for now…

8 thoughts on “Metron #2 Station Name Change

  1. They should just do it like Guangzhou and use all Pinyin, or stick to English names like Century. ShiJi Park is confusing.

  2. Please, for your god’s sake (whichever God you have), ask for a REASON to change the names !

    All people in Pudong know this station as Dongfanglu Station, and all people in Puxi know the other two stations VERY well.

    Chinese people (including Wangjianshuo), please ASK your officials WHY they want to change the station names !

    It does not benefit anything, exept the two roads in question, and that it only roads.

    If you want to be a DEVELOPED country, then you have to ask WHY, everytime !

    By the way, “changing things” is the reason why the daylight saving time have never been a success in China (which still have same time zone, spanning 3 hours of sun time).

    This is the effect arising of suppressing the citizens.

    Please comment !

  3. Asking “why” in China is like asking a deaf/mute person a question. You’ll never get a response, and when you do, it doesn’t make sense.

  4. shiji avenue is a different stop than century park..

    so century park was not changed to shiji park

  5. i hate the new names, they are inaccurate, causing confusion among a lot of ppl. esp those newcomers, for example, west nanking rd (former shimen rd)begins at peoples square and ends at somewhere west of jing’an temple. the two ends r all stops on the 2line, the entire line runs below nanjing rd and century ave. those new station names ought to be changed back to what they were.,or adding intersecting rd names will also do.

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