My Personality Test

I received an interesting test on personality, and here is my answer to some of the questions. It seems I am not an organized person.

When you go somewhere for the day, would you rather

[ ] plan what you will do and when, or

[X] just go?

If you were a teacher, would you rather teach

[ ] fact courses, or

[X] courses involving theory?

Do you prefer to

[ ] arrange dates, parties, etc., well in advance, or

[X] be free to do whatever looks like fun when the time comes?

Do you prefer to do many things

[X] on the spur of the moment, or

[ ] according to your plans?

Does following a schedule

[ ] appeal to you, or

[X] cramp you?

Does the idea of making a list of what you should get done over a weekend

[ ] appeal to you, or

[X] leave you cold?

In doing something that many other people do, does it appeal to you more to

[ ] do it in the accepted way, or

[X] invent a way of your own?

8 thoughts on “My Personality Test

  1. Do you have a link to the personality assessment? (not really a “test”, since you cannot fail it!).

    You may not like to make plans ahead for the weekend, but running a blog requires a lot of organization, doesn’t it?

    Forgive me if this is way off topic, but I’ve had a hard time finding info on the best web hosting provider and blog platform for blogs that are intended for both readers inside China and also outside China. Can you offer advice on this, or at least your own case study? Which web hosting provider do you have? The site seems pretty fast from the US. Is your Chinese blog on the same hosting provider? Thanks in advance!

  2. I don’t have the link to the assessment, since it is an invitation only assessment, and the result was submitted to my coach. Till now I have no idea about what the result means to me. I will find out later. Running blog does not need planning, it just needs a little bit of consistency.

    For the hosting service, I am using I am still very happy after I tried for one and half years, and for some time.

  3. Thanks. I have done numerous personality tests like this (in the US the Myers-Briggs is popular, which I did when I was in business school) and sometimes there are some useful insights into your personality and management style. The question is always: so what? and what do you do with it?

    Thanks also for the advice on the hosting. Sounds like some US hosting firms have figured out how to provide fast enough access to sites for the Chinese blogosphere.

  4. WJS, so what type are you? I am INTJ, apparently common among lawyers and consultants! OK if you can’t share that info. :)

  5. very lkie read your blog everyday ,and like your article every much , why don’t Wendy write the blog?

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