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What a surprise! The singer of Chivas’ commerical Mermaid, Sarah Khider, left a comment on my blog during my absence (OOB).

Hi Jian

I introduce myself, I´m Sarah Khider and I just read comments about me and the song. Thanks to everyone and to you for creating this blog. I have also mine and soon my website will available for all. You can also go to myspace and listen to other pieces of songs of mine.

Nice to meet you…

See you

Sarah K

Posted by: sarah khider on September 30, 2006 09:52 PM

I admit I am not a fan of music, and have not been a fun of any music star since I was in high school. However, Sarah’s song really touched me. The world is small!

You can visit Sarah’s blog at and leave comment to her. She has other songs in her MySpace page as well. All the songs are good – with the same style and feeling as the Mermaid.

Blog made the world flat.

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  1. Hmmm, I happen to love French songs and music. When I was in Paris, I spent lots of time searching for romantic French songs in music stores.

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