Shanghai’s Weather is Like Sydney in Oct

These days, I found Shanghai’s Weather in early Oct is very like Sydney.

When I stepped out of the China Eastern Airlines flight MU562 from Sydney to Shanghai, I didn’t feel any difference in the temperature. I sweat a shirt in Sydney and in the noon time, a T-Shirt is OK. It is the same in Shanghai.

Later, I found out that it is exactly the date that Shanghai and Sydney are the same in weather.

The Two City Mirror Each Other Along the Equator

Shanghai is at 31°N 121°E;

Sydney is at 33°S 151°E.

On September 23, 2006, the Sun went directly onto the the Equator.

About 10 days after Sept 23, I guess the Sun moved to Sydney a little bit, so moved to exactly the middle of the two cities. Afterwards, Shanghai is going to autumn and winter, Sydney is going to spring and summer.

This time in Sydney, the biggest different in the South Semi-sphere for me is, the Sun shines on the north, instead of South in China.

10 thoughts on “Shanghai’s Weather is Like Sydney in Oct

  1. Hi people, my previous practice for comments like this (communism v.s. capitalism, free v.s. censored) is just let it be and ignore it. This time, I want to jump to make a comment here.

    Do you think people in a communist country don’t deserve a happy life? Yes. Shanghai is under communism. Not surprisingly, I know that.

  2. JianShou, Thanks for your willingness to allow people to connect here in the context of events of your life and information about China, Shanghai … and the world. The evidence in the discussion (we call it mud-throwing) above and elsewhere is that will mean some people seem to prefer to identify with the boxes of their chosen ideology — or their nation’s ideology — rather than relate as “friends” who happen to be different. People, lets make life easier for JianShou and cut down on the flaming.

  3. I don’t think Shanghai people are necessarily unhappy under a communist rule. Shanghai is still the most efficiently operated gate-way city in China. At this moment Shanghai definitely pose much greater long-term business development opportunities than laid back countries like Australia. In some sense, Australia may be more socialistic than Shanghai in terms of tax dollars, benefits people are getting, social security and etc. But one big difference other than social systems and pace of life is: Shanghai is booming and will morph into some place much more significant than any city in Australia.

    However, in terms of choosing a place to feel relaxed and retire, I would definitely choose Australia.

    To put it simply, there is no comparison between Shanghai and Sydney. Any attempt to compare them will always end in ill use of your time. Shanghai should be compared to Seoul, Korea, Singapore, or Tokyo, HK or even NYC, but not Sydney.

    Let’s enjoy Sydney, and focus on developing Shanghai, not into another Sydney, but into another city with NYC and San Jose combined.

  4. Why Shanghai will be NYC and San Jose combined?

    Because in 20 years, Shanghai should have developed its financial prowess comparable to NYC and also have developed its high tech centers comparable to San Jose. Shanghai will be these 2 cities combined because Shanghai is planned to go in these two directions.

  5. Sydney is my favourite city after living there for more than 5 years, and the weather all year around there is mostly like October & November in Shanghai, that is just fantastic!

    U can have Sydney like life in Sydney as well as Shanghai like life in Sydney.

  6. China may be ruled under the communist party. But, China has freed it’s old policies and regulations for foreign businesses. The Beijing Olympics is held in Beijing because China’s economy is growing at a rate that would pass the USA by a few years. (and india) I do admit that living in sydney may be more comfortable. But, Remember, China is very VERY rich. I’m not kidding. China is a Superpower.

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