Jian Shuo in Australia – Day II, III and IV

It is the forth day in Australia – Sydney for the first two days (blue mountains, Kangaroos, River Cruise, Darling Habor…), and now I am at Melbourne Airport, leaving the great city.

It was not easy to find Internet access in the city – for first time visitors. Internet cafe is not that popular as Sydney, and thank to the Netkiosk in the Melbourne International Airport. I can finally

update my blog after three days of OOB (Out of Blogging)


I took many pictures, something like 1000 to 1500 pictures in the last few days. The netkiosk does not support SD card or USB – just keyboard, screen, mouse and Internet access. I will upload some pictures later.

Melbourne is a lovely city. As Wendy put it, “Congratulations, Jian Shuo. You have setup another personal connection with a city!”

10 thoughts on “Jian Shuo in Australia – Day II, III and IV

  1. stephen

    Jian Shuo, are you visiting only Queensland and NSW, will you also see New Zealand after Australia? If you do, NZ has an excellent selections of woollen goods and sheep hide products! Have a safe trip!

  2. jqian

    Oh yeah, Austrailia is a great country. It may not be that great for career development, but definitely a laid back place for retirement.

  3. lu

    Will u be back for the National day?

    My Dad has been in Australia since several years ago,he took me a sheep toy and a red hat.

    Have a nice trip.:)

  4. David.S

    Maybe the earth is really small, my girl has been to Sydney last week, and i miss her so much. And this morning she just send me a message form the darling’s harbour( I haven’t heard of it).

    Have a good trip, jianshuo, the wonderful city for the wonderful man.

  5. anna

    I have been to Sydney and actually it is very easy to get an internet cafe in Sydney. Anyway, have a nice trip there.

  6. Jian Shuo Wang

    Yes. There are so many Internet Cafe in Sydney – two in the block of my hotel. I just don’t have time to visit one during the day (so much to do) and don’t want to go out at night.

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