PVG: Shanghai Pudong Airport Map

Here is the satellite image of Pudong Airport:

Image in courtesy of Google Earth

This is the airport in bigger scope of the map, so you can see the relative location in Shanghai and how far it is to get to downtown.

Image in courtesy of Google Earth

21 thoughts on “PVG: Shanghai Pudong Airport Map

  1. The picture must was taken long time ago, maybe some time before the second runway (i.e. runway 34-16) was put into use in March 2005.

    I am a bit confused by the number of the second runway of PVG. From the picture you can see that two runways are not exactly parallel to each other. The new runway is aligned a bit more with the north-south direction. But its marking is 34-16 while the one for the old runway is 35-17. Something is not quite right here. I think the second runway should have either the same marking number as the old one (i.e. 35R-17L) or the number of 36-18.

    Here is some info on airport layout design:


  2. JH, there can only be one reason.

    This is CHINA.

    So far I know, no other airport in China has runways with xxR and xxL, like in other big airports in other countries.

    The reason can only be, that in most of Asia it is quite difficult for people to find the right tonation of L and R, because the hard spoken “R” does not exist in their language.

    Imagine the possible disaster if the air traffic controller say to the pilot :

    “You are cleared for landing on runway 35R” and pronounces it as an L !!!

    So – they must have decided to avoid this problem by giving it a “fake” number.

    But afer all – the actual direction of the new runway is slightly more towards north, so it is nonsense to give it a lower number, you are absolutely right.

    Remember this if you come here one day :

    In China everything is allowed if it is decided by the government.

    Logical or not – doesn’t matter :-)

    Some day they might change the law of gravity as well…

  3. The reason L/R is not used yet is that PVG has 2+ runways under construction (the 3rd is u/c and should be ready next year, the 4th is supposed to be ready around 2010, and the 5th is in blueprint). When the 3rd id done, it will be labeled 35-17L and the 1st runway will be renamed to 35-17R. And so on …

  4. I remember few years ago, the pilots of Singapore Airline was attempting to take off at Taipei airport and misunderstood the runway 05L and 05R and eventually slammed into the closed runway. The rating of SQ was dropped from the top all the way to the bottom.

    The air-controllers have their way to speak clearly to the pilot, e.g. 05R will call as 05Romeo.

    The long term plan for PVG is to have four parallel runways and four terminals, anyone knows which direction will the airport to be expanded?

  5. Dear Juliet

    At first I ignored to answer your foolish comment, but then :

    My company have sent me here to help chinese government owned companies.

    And I have done so in the last 5 years. And they are happy.

    I think it is better to stay and do something here, Juliet.

    I have my chinese wife and my life here, but for me it doesn’t mean

    that I can’t say anything or do anything to improve life for me and my family here.

    So mind your own business and keep quiet, if you cannot take any hard words of

    your beloved government.

    When you write like this, you certainly don’t understand what is really going on in China.

    I’m sure many other readers will see the point.

    The words above are quite ironical and have a “bite”,

    but as a chinese (party member perhaps ?) you won’t understand irony anyway.

  6. carsten, please, i just can’t help wondering why you are assuming people don’t know how to speak R while they are talking about _r_unways? and as a foreigner, you are so sure they don’t understand what is really going on in China?

    As a Chinese, I bet most Chinese understand China very well. We just need solutions and we are working and proceeding.

    come on, “party members”, “gravity changing”, is that your understanding? is that you call irony?

  7. Dear carsten

    I agree with chichi. You don’t understand China and will not understand China forever. I don’t want to argue with you, from your words, I know, you may have a prejudice against Chinese, but the fact is: China has the rapidest economic increasement rate in the world and Chinese become richer and richer year by year ,does it occur in your country? So, please pay more attention on China’s good aspect and your country’s unsatisfied aspect in order to get a balance. The golden week is coming, I will have a tour in Beijing , where will you go?

    Dear Rene

    Yeah, it resumed running again! A friend of mine took it to PVG this Monday.

  8. Hello everyone,

    I am traveling to Shanghai for the first time in December, 2006. We are traveling from the U.S. to the PVG airport and will then later travel to Beijing. My question concerns long-term luggage storage at PVG. Does anyone know what the hours of operation are for long-term luggage storage on Saturdays and during the week?

    Thank you for your help.


  9. Attending Formula 1 race early October 2007. taying at Hotel close-by Subway line #2 station Shimen Rd. Any thoughts how to get to the track which is Northwest of the city.Would appreciate help.

  10. Regarding the runway headings. The first runway, 35, was built several years ago. Runway headings are based on the magnetic heading from a compass. However, because the magnetic pole moves slightly each year, runways are re-numbered from time to time. Most likely, Runway 34 was designated based on the anticipated mag heading for the estimated date of completion. Runway 35 will, most likely, be re-numbered in the near future to reflect the change in the magnetic heading. Hope that helps.

  11. Carsten, The Chinese language actually does have a the hard r sound. It’s Japanese that doesn’t.


  12. Hi, I am new here.

    Can i know what is the disctance from Shanghai Central Star hotel to Pudong Airport.


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