Why I Keep Losing Stuff

I kept losing stuff. It is wired.

One week ago, I even lost a shoe. I got onto the back seat of my car. Wendy drove the car to Xujiahui. When I left the car, I just couldn’t find one of my shoe. Till now, I have no idea about where my shoe went.

In Qingdao, I lost my glasses. I didn’t wear contact lens this time, and wore my normal glasses. The tide was strong. After one strong tide, I felt strange, and realized I didn’t have my glasses any more. It is not easy to find a glass in the sea. I gave up in 10 seconds.

I also lost some stuff, like t-shirts, grooves. That is the only explanation for why I have less and less t-shirts. I even didn’t realize when I lost them.

How strange. Is everyone the same, or just me too stupid? It is annoying.

33 thoughts on “Why I Keep Losing Stuff

  1. For many years, I have wondered whenever I have seen a lone shoe lying by the side of a highway. Where could a shoe come from by the side of the road? Perhaps this phenomenon is related to your missing shoe. :)

  2. Socks! After you put them in the washer, you only retrieve one from the pair. Do washing machines eat socks?

  3. You should get lots of responses for this one. We lose socks (in the laundry), reading glasses (I have about 10 pair around the house), tools (only when we need them), sweaters (well, you don’t need those yet in Shanghai), anything we can take off or put down temporarily while doing something else. There are some underpants in the street in front of our house that slowly the rains are washing away. How did they get lost?

    But I also find lots of things–glasses, coins, tools, sometimes even sweaters, or six packs of beer unopened. There are fewer things to find in Shanghai than in the U.S. because people sweep and wash the streets.

    The family story is that many years ago my grandfather lost something and was frantic. I was three and told him “I know where it is Grandpa.” He said to my mother “See, see, I told you. Your children take everything because you don’t control them.” and then turned to me and said more gently “Where is it, dear?” and I said “Just where you left it, Grandpa.” My mother repeated that story all my life and now

    we realize that many of our lost things are “grandpa-ed.”

  4. How anyone can lose a shoe in his own car is beyond me. I never lose anything. I may temporarily misplace some things but always find them.

  5. Hey Shrek7, your comments are so annoying…why do you always have something negative to say? You must lead a very sad, lonely existence.

  6. Losing a shoe in car! Amazing!

    Don’t worry about that. in my opinion, Man can’t remember everything like some small stuff.Losing makes your brain always have room to put some important things, like emotion,work,relation…

    you’d better make sure that everything will go around in your eyefield.

  7. Yes. I did lose my shoe that morning. It is really frustrating – how come. I suspect when I get into the car, the shoe already slipped out but I just didn’t pay attention to it.

  8. your story is quite intereting.but i could not imagine how could not you found when the shoe lost on your car gate.

  9. it is just something like blind spot. Someday, it will appear within your sight. i believe everyone has the same experience.

  10. Shrek7, I have it just like you, so don’t feel aside of others. It annoys me sometimes how others can forget so easily :-((

    But I’m feeling that we need such kind of “forgetsome” behaviour in a world, who demands people to buy more and more, hehehehe !

    Just think of women, they have tons of clothes, but never have anything to wear :-)

    “Oh, my darling, I have NO clothes for this evening out, what to do ??”

    Answer (and how to lose money) = give her 500 RMB and send her to shop something immediately :-)

    Jianshuo, I guess your situation happened in the morning, huh ?

    You seldom get any sleep, I know, so anything can happen in a dream, I know, so even you are awake doesn’t mean that your brain is awake. That explains why you lost your shoe.

    Before you drive by yourself, I suggest you to wait half an hour more…

    I didn’t gave up driving, so we are among you along the way in Shanghai, and we don’t want any accidents !

    PS : Jianshuo, Xiuying and me got married on august 23. :-)))))

  11. My most painful experience of losing things was air tickets. I could not fly back until I purchased a new one. At least, that was what happened to me with China Eastern in LA, US. Till today, they have not reimbursed my money, or, company money, to be exact. Ever since then, I decided to be the most organized man in the world, or in the company, or in my family. What I did was I found a vinyl pouch with a zipper type of seal on top. So every time I travel, I would store my ticket, already inside the jacket with personal info and everything, inside the pouch and…zipped. Plus, I would use the frequent flier booklet from China Eastern as a booklet to store all my receipts during the trip. In business world, there is a concept called 5S. Sort, Straighten, Sweep, Standardize and Sustain. Originated from Japanese company. You will not understand how organized Japanese are until you travel to Japan! Unless you are a genious like Jianshuo, you should learn 5S and get your shxt organized!

  12. i lost my phone , my 2 pencil cases , my foot ball boots , my football top my shin pads , my kit bag and my diary i also lost £10 going to the shop for my mum

  13. I tottaly understand you man, Once I went to the mall with my girlfriend and when I went to get a hair cut, I forgot that I was with her. Just drove straight home. When I got home, I spent about 10 minutes wondering where she was until I called her to ask her. You can imagine the trouble I put myself in…

  14. It happens to me all the time. Some things just vanished when you were trying damm hard to find them, but they magically come back some day when, maybe, you are looking for something else.

  15. Aha, it’s surprising. I ‘ve never ever thought that you’re careless. Me, I’m a expert in losing umbrellas. I always leave my umbrella on the bus when I get off the bus, which happens mostly on the occasion when I’m thinking something in my mind. Because of this ,I always get the bus or tube late at the next stop or get on the one of wrong direction, too.

  16. I can relate! I ALWAYS lose everything. I lose my keys almost daily and I have lost cell phones frequently. I tend to lose the things that are most expensive and hard to replace. Last month, I lost my work keys and I work in a prison (major security issue!) and I have lost two ipods in the past two months =( I try to trace my footsteps to help me remember where I might have placed my things, but it never works. It is so frustrating!

  17. you keep losing stuff is because, you keep buy more crap to lose.

  18. I managed to lose two umbrellas in one day. The first I left on a train, then within 10 minutes of buying another, my new one was nicked from under my nose. Infact the only reason I’ve found this forum is because I’ve lost yet another.

  19. It might be because it traveled to another universe based on quantum physics.

  20. it is the freaking wish fairies! they fly in and take ur stuff. Oh, and washing machines dont lose socks, they make socks from all the lint in their, which is why u find 1 odd sock!

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