Dong Fang Ji Bai from KFC

KFC is more successful in China than McDonald’s. In my oppinion, it is because KFC is doing a much better job in localization.

KFC’s Local Brand: Dong Fang Ji Bai 东方既白

KFC’s parent company – Yum Group’s Asia headquarter is located in the Metro City. So many KFC’s experiment happens in the Metro Tower area.

Two years ago (April 27, 2005), they have ever tried “K-Cafe”, the KFC Cafe, and it didn’t work out, and they closed it the first and the only K-Cafe in Asia.

More than one year ago, they opened another store with a Chinese brand: Dong Fang Ji Bai, meaning “The East becomes Bright” or “East Dawning” in Chinese. It is a KFC style Chinese restaurant. The food they serve is completely Chinese style.

What is in the orange cup? It is not Coke, not Pepsi, it is Doujiang (Bean milk 豆浆)

The Chinese dishes in western food style.


1111 Zhaojiabang Road

It is at the opposite of the Metro Tower.

TianYao Qiao Road


|| [Metro Tower]

|| #########[Metro City]

|| [DFJB]

|| [Hotel]

============Zhao Jia Bang Road

Going out of #10 Exit of Metro #1 Xujiahui Station, and you can find it.

The Food

All the foods are Chinese food, and the process is the KFC process – you get your dishes when you order. The price is reasonable – very similar with KFC. It may works. They have the second store in Changli area in Pudong.

18 thoughts on “Dong Fang Ji Bai from KFC

  1. the food looks good and well presented. does Doujiang milk taste anything like cow’s milk? is it sweet?

  2. Hi

    I know this is not about KFC but as you walk out of the Portman Ritz Carlton all the way to the left on the sidewalk is a great little restaurant with outside eating. Great menu lot of young people both expat students and locals

  3. Is that funny? People like Yum! can enter the heart of Chinese food and operates a facility which wins the heart of Chinese consumers. Is Chinese entrepreneur prepared to fan off these foreign invasion?

  4. BunnyQ, I don’t know any of the outlet in Beijing. I knew only two – one is in Metro city and the other is at Chang Li. I didn’t know about the Nanfang Shopping Center, as Micah pointed out.

    Shrek7, the bean milk tastes OK, just OK.

    Stephen, there are many in the market – many success chain was opened by the first generation of KFC and McDonald Store Managers 10 to 20 years ago, when they just entered. The management and the know-how of fast food business just needs to move up with a mixture first.

  5. Quotation: “the food looks good and well presented. does Doujiang milk taste anything like cow’s milk? is it sweet?

    Posted by: Shrek7 on August 16, 2006 10:06 PM”

    Doujiang milk also is called bean soy or soy milk, like the products of the yeos and vita company, it can be prepared to sweetened or unsweetened. It’s taste doesn’t like cow’s milk, but it has the healthy vegetable protein! Also has same percentage of protein.

  6. despite i despise any food coming from the concept of fast food, as is already proven in western country fa food chain means, obesity, cancers, diabetis and several others diseases…

    I do believe Chinese food has great choice of not expensive dishes fastly prepared in more traditional shops.

    yum group is not other the franchising of KFC China, still they make money on people lifes…

  7. looks like Japan style restaurants in Shanghai…

    can any foreigner tell the difference from the first apperance?

  8. The food looks good but the name sound a little funny?

    anyway, Chinese in China/HK who run the business always seem to be more creative than SG..(Singapore). Hope to see SG’s KFC team will cater chinese dishes in western style….perhaps yes or perhaps it will never happened.

    Thanks for the info.

  9. michelle,, can you see this is a regional marketing scheme tailor made for shanghai market and is targeting all age group, the name, the menu, the colour scheme and ……… no English!

  10. Hi! Just wondering whether there is an internet homepage of Dong Fang Ji Bai / East Dawning. Thanks a lot!

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