Sony GPS-CS1

Sony just announced the release of Sony GPS-CS1.

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I want to be the first in Shanghai to get it. :-) Hope in the future, I have GPS information with all my pictures.


  1. Get any GPS and sync the tracklog to your photos with software like PhotoStudio (free) or RoboGeo.

  2. That looks like quite a cool gadget.. can’t wait to get one for my own cybershot :D

  3. Where can it be used? Is it necessary for most of people? But, it seems like a cup or a bomb:)

  4. The problem is that Google Map does not have China’s map info.

  5. Hi there! I’ve been watching your blog for a while and truly enjoy it. Do you know if common mobile phones in China are location aware? My social network service, Socialight (, let’s people capture, share, and discover notes (including notes with phonecam pictures attached) tagged with location information and we’re exploring bringing it to China.

  6. Jianshuo, I never know you want it for so long time…anyway finally you got it

  7. @Edward, yes. I thought for it for a long time, but still not sure about whether I should get one. Recently, I turned it on all the time, and tracked some route, but still don’t have the chance to really use it – I am always in the room.

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