OOB for Two Days

RC said, it is important to take break from time to time to do some reflection on what we did in the last long period of time. It is true. Let me do that, and OOB for a short period of time. I hope I am back to blogging on Tuesday.

6 thoughts on “OOB for Two Days

  1. I think it would be more fun for Jian Shuo if it meant “On Office Break” hehe ;)

  2. JS, OOB is the term you used to seek a break in your regular blogging, but sometime it confuse new readers who are not familiar with the “out-of-blogging”.

    Would suggest you use “TOB” i.e. temporary off blogging……..just a suggestion!

  3. I was using this term for several years (to be exactly, only 3 years). When I am OOB, typically, I am not taking a break. It is often because I am either in meetings, or away from computer/Internet.

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