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I get a little bit tired of the recent “discussion” on my blog. I just found the effort to setup a communication bridge is not that easy. I am not comfortable some of the comments. If people involved in discussion are not willing to pay even little effort to learn, it does not make too much sense to comment.

It is not easy to open one’s heart to pay little effort to understand another country, for people both inside or outside China. It sometimes requires more than effort. It requires skills. To be honest, I feel complain and finger-pointing with only the limited information from mess media leads the discussion to nowhere. I did ignore some comments. Sorry for that. I have to.

OK. Let me take a moment and relax, and bring the blog to be my own one. I am not blogging for anyone. Just leave me alone… :-)

My Air Con

After the summer came, Wendy complained every day or two about the malfunction of our A/C in the bedroom. It simply cannot cool down the room. The HITACHI support staff also complained the new technology used in this model does not work as expected. I believe the big window of the room may also be the reason of the condition. The smaller, cheaper, and simpler LG A/C in my reading room works much better. It is just of half price. Sometimes cheaper stuff works better.

Windows Vista

Wendy is using Windows Vista on her new laptop already. On Vista, she also installed Office 2007. The new UI is cool, but I was surprised by the memory usage and the hard disk usage of the new operating system. Henry said: “When there is breakthrough in hardware (CPU, Memeory, Equipments), the demand for software increases; when the development of hardware slows down, Internet based application becomes popular.”

BTW, recently I just realized Wendy’s team is supporting the major Windows product like Windows XP, Windows 2003, and Windows Vista for Microsoft Asia premier customers. They even support Groove! Groove is the software enabling people to collaborate with each other. The company was started by Lotus Notes’ creator, and bought by Microsoft. It is an important assignment, isn’t it? Wendy and I both have our own worlds, with different pressure, and different metrics we oversee every single day. Recently, I just realized I know her business as little as she knows mine. Should we know more about each other’s business? I think the answer would better be “no”. :-)

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  1. Jian Shuo

    what you wrote only confirms one thing–if readers of your Blog don’t go along with your tunneled ‘thinking’, then their comments are not welcome. In a democracy all comments are received, even ones that make us feel a little uncomfortable. Shrek7

  2. I’m with you, Jian Shuo — it’s one of the main reasons I’m not a blogger. One needs a very thick skin. Sometimes people will comment on a blog by making remarks they never would in face-to-face conversation. Or, if they are rude enough to speak like that in person, then their listeners have the ability to turn away and not spend time in their company again. On a blog, we can just scroll quickly past the offensive comments, but still, it changes the atmosphere in a way that can be quite uncomfortable.

    Anyone who has been reading your blog for a while is aware that you absolutely have welcomed disagreement, discussion and dialogue on a very wide range of topics in the past. I think both you and your readers have learned much from that kind of *healthy* disagreement.

    But the arguments just for the sake of “grandstanding” (getting attention, or “stirring the pot” — intentionally stirring up negative disagreement)? Those have not been productive, informative or helpful to anyone but the writer’s ego.

    I think you’ve done a really good job of ignoring most of that in the past, and of welcoming constructive dialogue between readers with differing opinions!

    But in the end, it is *your* blog! You have every right to write about what interests you, and to avoid writing about things that foment unproductive arguments.

    It’s a shame if the minority of trouble makers feel that they have “won” by turning off your desire to write about controversial subjects, but I for one will be more than happy to read about your personal life for a while and give the rabble rousers some time to move on to other platforms.

    Good luck with the air conditioning. And yes, when you and Wendy have time to be together, since you both work such long and pressured hours, my guess is that it would be better-spent in relaxation and play time rather than work discussions!

  3. I love finding out about Chinese things that a foreigner wouldn’t normally know, like how hard it is to get a blog approved in China, variations in the one child policy, the HuKou requirements. Please don’t stop telling us about these things, and those of us who appreciate your blog will try to remember to tell you and help erase those people who just want to rant.

    You really do a great service to China by allowing those of us from other places to learn about it.

  4. Don’t even listen to any detractors! You are doing a great job and providing a lot of very interesting content. I’ve been reading your blog every day for several weeks now as I prepare to find work in and move to China – probably Shanghai.

    Full steam ahead – I’ll still be here, learning!

  5. Hi: moring!

    You’ve done very well! I’ve learnt many things by reading your blog, so I’ll continue support you and your blog!

  6. I’m just wondering why people should listen to someone that claims ‘there is no censorship in China’s internet’, and what one can learn from those government garbage tirelessly recycled by wangjianshuo.

    I hate to start a name calling, but until wangjianshuo retracts his statement on China’s internet, ‘liar’ is the only choice to describe this ‘chinese blogger’.

    Is there censorship in China’s internet, wangjianshuo?

  7. i salute you for the desire of sharing your day to day activity/ies right there at SH…

    for me, honestly, your blog gives me more of an up-to-date news, infos or any other it may seem relevant to me and my family as well… as i’ve informed you before, my husband works as a project designer for quite some time now, and base at Pudong new city area… My kids & I do come to visit your city mostly on their school christmas vacation which falls on a December. So, greatly we experienced your city’s winter season… Now, that I know it’s summertime, and obviously no chance of getting/travelling there “not at the moment”, so this blogsite of yours makes and gives us really the actual, or shall we say the ordinary, typical, routinary lifestyles of a person living, staying, working, raising a family life, (well, be it an ordinary or extra-ordinary) it all just sums up to one thing…”gives us a connection” eventhough we’re (my kids & I)miles apart from my hubby… You,JSW makes the line constantly moving for us…

    simply saying, keep it going.. for there are still people in and around China, also from all the outskirts of the world, like me just a simple stay at home mom fondly getting some interesting facts of Shanghai life…. hopefully, to be there once again soon.. probably, winter season again… so i hope you could get more pictures during summertime there…specially in the zoo!!! both zoos, the wildlife(safari) which i’ve heard its kinda dangerous… and the old one at the Honqiao district…my kids loves to see all the animals you have there…

    good luck once again and keep it up!!!

    mommy in PHIL….

  8. Jian Shuo,

    I totally understand your frustration.

    That’s normal. Most of us are on your side and understand your sincerity. Although some of them appears to be hyper active on your blog, unfortunately, they don’t represent the view of majority. Sometimes the best action is to ignore them. Enjoy your life. I like your blog, keep it going. The worst thing it could happen is allow yourself to be influenced by extremist ideology of certain group of people.

  9. of course there is censorship on China’s internet despite Jian Shuo’s statement to the contrary.

    I enjoy honest discussion and not government line-towing propaganda.


  10. So what….

    Censorship is NOT unique to China. America, S Korea, France …. a lot of other countries also censor their internet without their ppl’s knowledge. Dick Cheney ordered that news be censored during the war with Iraq.

    Suffice it to say that many folks have implicit/passive animosity towards China. Their views are so warped that it is pointless to try to convince them of anything otherwise. I wouldn’t even bother pointing out the flaws in others’ views of China.

    I can only say that folks gravitate towards the might. Give it a decade or two, and we shall see what happens.

  11. SALUTE..!!!

    Keep on with the good job. There are a lot of us behind your and your blog :)

  12. Alex L.: Really? Since Dick Cheney has the power of censorship, why can’t he stop NYT and WaPo from reporting on the scandal involving ‘scooter’ Libby, his chief of staff? You think VP office is running a Central Propaganda Department? Come on, that’s China.

    So you bet on China in 20 years to make its wrongs right with its might. I’d bet on Venezuala.

  13. Alex L

    I am glad that you have such a high opinion of the coercive and secretive ways the Beijing regime does business, including giving continuous aid, protection and support to a rogue state like North Korea which persists in firing rockets at its peaceful neighbors. That’s not my idea of democracy.

  14. Wang JianShou,

    I have followed your blog for the last 1.5 years. Being married to a Shanghainese, your blog sparks many debates between us.

    I was surprised and dismayed to read some of the recent ‘attacks’ against China and indeed you. People are entitled to their opinion, but hey, if they don’t like what they read on your blog, then why do they bother to read it?? Yes, China has many faults, as does the UK where I live, but that is how it is; and launching vitriolic attacks against individuals is not the way to change things.

    Keep up the good work!!

  15. Alex L

    there is nothing wrong with legitimate ‘criticism’. For you to suggest that criticism implies some sort of racial or ethnic bias is wrong. Only ruthless tyrants and dictators are beyond criticism.

  16. Great job Wang Jian Shuo!

    Many commentators summed up my thoughts on it perfectly. Keep it up, it is your blog, and you are doing a fantastic job at it!

    Just want to voice my support here…

  17. Great job Wang Jian Shuo!

    Many commentators summed up my thoughts on it perfectly. Keep it up, it is your blog, and you are doing a fantastic job at it!

    Just want to voice my support here…

  18. Hey can you tell me how to put a windows vista beta onto an apple intel mac like the new Macbook. I tried windows vista on a dell pc but it wasn’t that good. Can you send me a copy of windows vista.

  19. Shrek7, why do you have to talk about NK here? Is you knowledge about Koreas still up to date? .. Beijing does provide NK with humanitarian aid – food and fuel. So DOES South Korea. Now… I am not going any further on that topic. Do your homework before making any accusations, okay?

  20. Alex L

    why give a war-mongering rogue state any aid whatsoever? aiding a foreign enemy is considered treason.


  21. Shrek or Bellvue,

    Whoever you are, everybody has been tired of you. I suggest that you find another place to vent your extremist view. Maybe one of those Saudi sites would be more fun to you.

  22. I like your blog very much.Everyday when i start online ,reading your blog is the first thing.I have got many informations as well as the attitude of work,study and recreation from it.Very thanks.

  23. Hi Jianshuo,

    We are with you and your blog. You are doing an excellent job. Some guys cant understand the usefulness and humanity of others. They are talking abt NK and abt other countires as if they know each and every thing abt that country. When US bombs every where in IRAQ it is justified, but when NK tries to defend/secure itself it is not justified. Its like a fat guy saying to the poor guy dont eat any more because you can not digest, when the poor guy is starving. And you guys (Shrek7, bellevue both of you looks like blood suckers does that mean ur country also has the same policy, ur comments are demotivating, if you cant understand humanity pls dont read the blog) dont estimate the people of the country depending on its policies.

  24. Hey Jianshuo,

    I’m a new comer. I love the bookas well. Alain De Botton is one of my favorite authors.But the one I have read is borrowed from the CITY library(I can’t find this book on any shelf of any bookstore in our city>..< ) It is a pity!



    希望您有空能到我的MSN SPACE 坐坐,我上个月才开始建设我的SPACE。



  25. jqian

    extremist views? personally, I think you’re pretty extreme threatening to throw dissenting views off this Blog.

    Bellevue mate, where are you? I need some help to handle extremist Commies.

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