Arrived at San Jose

Arrived at San Jose. California is always sunny – the three trips to CA were 100% sunny. I doubt whether CA rains or not.

With the United Mileage Plus membership, I got 44A seat – the United Economy Plus seat with larger space. :-)

Had lunch at Wing’s Chinese Restaurant. You have to be in the States to really understand why applications like Google Maps are so important. Of cause, it is the same. When you are in China, and you may find online shopping (B2C) and local services not that important. At least as important as in the States because: 1) People don’t move as frequently. 2) Most restaurants are at working distance. Business model in China and U.S. should be very different depending on the environments.

(Forget about the date of the blog in the next few days. The time and date are totally a mess now for me).

8 thoughts on “Arrived at San Jose

  1. Hi Jianshuo, I’ve been reading your blog for a considerable time and I really think that you’re a highly intelligent individual…

    Just wanna ask for your opinions on the subject of “peak oil”, which is fairly popular discussions in the western world regarding the ever rising petrol prices…

    A faithful reader

  2. I recently saw an ad for a bar for sale in Shanghai but I have been unable to find it again. My associate and I would be interested in finding out more about it with a view toward possibly buying it. Any leads on the bar for sale in Shanghai?

  3. hi Jiansuo,

    Bay Area this year has almost 4 months rain in winter/early spring, which was unbelieveable and miserable. Thank God it is turning 100% sunny again!

    It is been almost a year since I first met you to discuss kijiji, hope all is well! I am in DC for a conference this week, otherwise will try to catch you or invite you over to Stanford!

    Enjoy your stay!


  4. Any comment on the food of Wing’s :)

    China Stix and Royal Garden are two better restaurants near your hotel. There are more good restaurants in that Milpitas Square which is about 10 minutes driving from Double Tree.

  5. Jian Shou: Are you going to stop in San Francisco? You can take public transportation into the city. I’m not a techie, work in the financial district, can meet and show you around if you have time.

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