On Humanity

Chat with Fay today. I found Humanity is an inspirational word. When I am thinking about the business we are doing, we dig very hard into the details about what value we provide to users. At the end of every thread, I found out humanity is the final answer.

Fay put it very well. She reminds me in the year of 1900, when motor and cars were invented, it brought mobility and freedom to life. No matter how hard and detailed the manufactures’ work are, at the end of day, it satisfied the humanity need – people can get from location A to location B at any time they choose.

Internet is great. It changed people’s life. The last time I read the word humanity was in John’s book The Search

“… thousands of people very rich, improved the businesses of hundreds of thousands of merchants, and fundamentally changed the relationship between humanity and knowledge. In the process, Page and Brin have become fabulously wealthy and movie-star famous. And it did not take them …” on page 66.

A lot of things are important, but at the end of the day, only smile on human face explains all the reason why people work so hard.

Why I Have to Keep Thinking

Recently, I was put into a position that force me to think really hard about the deep reason we do it, and find out reasons about what we do, and how it is meaningful even after several years, even there are many people standing up and say no…

On Enemy

Jack Man’s last interview on Future Life is definitely a successful one. I didn’t watch it, but I heard one quote:

“When there is no enemy in your heart, there is no enemy in the world”.

It echos my thinking about Passion for Contribution, and Confident about Return. When your goal is to contribute, and competitors only help you to grow, you see no enemies, you see no angry, and the only thing you feel is passion. That is the situation everyone should be in.

Don’t Know What I am Talking About?

Don’t worry. I don’t know either. There are too many thread in my mind now, and I didn’t put it into a logic order. I hope it will come out later, but now, let me put it down and help me thinker deeper.

5 thoughts on “On Humanity

  1. I can understand your words.”Passion for contribution,and confident about return”I love it,it makes me clap.Sometimes I try to ask myself who or what is my most important enemy,and where is it? An answer shocked me____the endless needs or dreams.Frankly, in modern society, it is too hard for us to satisfied our real lives, we always want more and better.It makes me mad and tired. You said that the motor and cars brought mobility and freedom to life. you are right, but since that,we have been the slaves of machines. So can we say that we are happy now?I have no idea. Maybe, don’t know what i’m thinking is the best way to live happily.

  2. Life is a long process to make contribution and build confidence through helping yourself as well as others.

    I am inspired by ebay, kijiji, douban, google and other internet corporations that offer humanity and knowledge. It is a meaningful thing to change people’s life, attitude, habits etc.

  3. 我一直觉得自己对人性认识很不够。


  4. “We were cursed to have freedom.”

    I remember it from The Gift to Therapy by Irvin D. Yalom.

    Humanity and knowledge are the keys which help us live better.

    Don’t be pushed too hard by overwhelmoning informations.

    Good luck.

  5. We are not the slaves of machines. We are the slaves of ourselves. The endless needs, the desire for everythings better are all from our heart.

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