Rainy Friday Night, 2006

Friday night, it rains in Shanghai again. Wendy went to off-site in a remote place in Zhejiang. Their bus should left Xujiahui soon. I bet she will be back on Sunday night.

Just left my office and go to the Raffles City to look for some food – whenever I look for food, I think I am not too much difference with a dog. Hungry? So start wandering on street and hope to get something interesting to eat. Well. Delicious is not the term I use as my object. Nothing is delicious after you have eaten it twenty times.

The big shopping mall is at the heart of Shanghai – just at the People’s Square. But there is not good foods anywhere – expensive foods are typically not good, as in many places.

I walked to the direction of the Ajisen Ramen. There are 30 people lining up at the gate. It seems if I wait there, it may easily kill half an hour. It reminded me of Jan 21, 2005. It was also a rainy Friday night. Everywhere is fully booked, or enough people lining up. So I get back to the first floor, thinking about what to eat. Finally, I made a decision that I will laugh at myself – I went to KFC to get some fast food. There are also many people there, but I can get my food within 5 minutes.

KFC meets my expectation very well – not good food. Don’t feel satisfied as all. But anyway, I am not hungry.

Wang Xiaohui

I read Wang Xiaohui’s second book. I fall in deep interest to this photographer. I appreciate a lot of sentences and ideas she expressed in her interview. Today, I read something about her life. She treat her whole life as a behavior art show, and document everything with her camera, and her diary. She said, if I can only take two things with me on my journey, I will take camera and diary.

She records her 15+ years with camera and diary, and published the details with a book. I like the attitude, and have the feeling I am doing the same thing. I may want to be more sensible and thoughtful when I record MY life, so it is valuable for me after 10 years.


Recently, everyday after work, I feel very tired. To sit there just think hard consumes more brain power, I believe. This is a weekend. Don’t know what to do yet. My guess will be, keep thinking hard… :-D

6 thoughts on “Rainy Friday Night, 2006

  1. Hey, it’s raining here too – hail stone this afternoon followed by bright sunshine. Now it’s chucking it down again.. English weather is very weird!

  2. Today is the third rainny day in this week in Beijing. It makes me excited, although I cannot ride my bike to school.Coffee, sofa, newspaper,and bed, yes, these are the most valuable things in the rainny day for me. And what is better, we meet a wonderful weekend,so just relax,and have a good dream!

  3. I like the dog analogy. My wife never understands why I will drive around looking for a place to eat; now you have explained it. Life is about finding new experiences and capturing the moments.

  4. It’s a nice 75° (23° Celsius) here in Southern California. Finally some nice weather. It’s been a very rainy spring.

    There seem to be many KFCs and Pizza Huts in Shanghai. I did manage to find the 1 Taco Bell there – although it is much different than the Taco Bells in the U.S.

  5. The one Taco Bell I found is at the Nanjing W. Road and the Huanghe Road, just at the west end of the Nanjing E. Road Pedstrain Road. I didn’t try it yet.

  6. Ah yes, the ease and efficiency of fast food. It’s just too bad that it all has to be so unhealthy. Especially for those of us in the US where it seems that fast food surrounds you wherever you go.

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