Hotmail Blocked in China

It is brought to my attention that Hotmail is presently blocked in China. I can access it everyday (I don’t know why, but it just works for me.), but I saw a lot of complains on my old post: Does Hotmail Work in China?. There are 52 comments so far. Why? Because it is the first result for Hotmail China in both MSN Search and Google search.

Well. It seems I need to do a little bit homework to find ways to help people out. Here is my analysis.

The Problem

When you type or, you will receive DNS error, as if the site never existed. You may experience long waiting time, before it reports the error.

When you type in, it reports DNS error, like the screen capture. Created at 21:40 May 10, 2006 at China Telecom FTTB+LAN in Pudong, China

When you type in, it also return error, but this time, it return the default error page from China Telecom: advertisement from Yahoo! China, including Yahoo! MP3 search, and Created at 21:40 May 10, 2006 at China Telecom FTTB+LAN in Pudong, China

It seems the domain name DNS service is blocked.

The same problem happens with the Windows Live services,

When you type in, it returns this error. Created at 21:40 May 10, 2006 at China Telecom FTTB+LAN in Pudong, China

Other Impact

Since recently, MSN transformed its passport services (the familiar hotmail logon page) to When is blocked, as shown above, all Microsoft services related to authentication dies. For example, the popular MSN Spaces, a blogging service, becomes instable because it requires authentication. Other services, like is also reported to be impacted.

I chatted with my friends who may know the situation. None of them really have any suggestions, except asking me to use a proxy server.


Let me try to give several workarounds I collected. It may work now, but no garrentee it works in near future. Just let me know if any method works or stop working. At least at the time I write this article, I personally tested all the methods. They work at least for me on China Telecom FTTB+LAN home broadband in Shanghai.

Option 1: Use Mobile Version

Only the domain names are blocked. The server is live. If you have ways to access the servers without using the or domain, you have a chance. Here is a backdoor:


MSN Mobile logon interface

This interface is designed exclusively for Windows Mobile cellphones. You can login to check your emails. The interface is very simple and small – to fit into mobile – but it is better than nothing if you urgently need to check your Hotmail messages.

The reason it works is because, the link I provide will redirect you to this URL:





It does not use the or domain

Thanks for this article to share this methods with me.

Option 2: Using MSN Messenger 7.0

If you have MSN Messenger 7.0 or 7.5 (I am using 7.5) on your computer, you can simply click on the Mail icon to enter Hotmail. It is still using the old passport service, not Please make sure you are using these versions, not MSN Messenger 8.0.

Option 3: Logon to Passport First

If you feel the mobile version is not acceptable, try this.



Passport logon page

Also is not accessible, is OK. Please note the URL is https:// instead of http://.

After you enter your Hotmail username and password, you will see the MSN Account Services page. Click the hotmail link on the left top of the page, and you should be able to access hotmail.

Option 4: Direct URL

This URL works for me. But I have no idea about whether it works for you. Let me know your feedback.

Option 5: Use Outlook Express

Just configure Outlook Express to check emails from hotmail.

If you haven’t done it before, here are the steps:

Go to Start -> All Programs -> Outlook Express.

Tools -> Accounts -> Add… -> Mail

Display Name: Your real name, click Next.

Email address:, click Next.

Accept defult HTTP as server, Hotmail as provider, and click Next.

Enter your user name and password, click Next.

Click Finsih. Then click Close to close the account tab.

Then you will have all your mails in your hotmail in your mailbox.

I’d like to hear your feedback about what option worked and what didn’t. If it didn’t work, please post comments and let people know what you have tried, where are you, and which provider you use.

Good luck!

54 thoughts on “Hotmail Blocked in China

  1. Hello, io just found your blog online, i have bheen looking for a program to do cartoons like that Microsoft homestyle program you had but i cant get it here in the UK. I wondered if you could do me a favour and just do a cartoon of myself and my sister on ti and send to me, its for my dads big special birthday and ive looked everywhere for a program. If you could email me i would be so gratefull. Thankyou so much for this wonderfull blog.

    Kay :)

  2. thanks for the tips,

    the direct URL works without any problems

    as of May 11, 2006 in Guangzhou.

    so does the mobile version, but of course this does not allow attachment downloads.

    outlook works but (perhaps just in my case) is very slow to download (frequently time-outs).

    thanks again

  3. Interesting that you are having this experience immediately following your post about how things can be difficult, but not impossible :-)

  4. I’m using MSN7.5 and the mail icon ( your Option 2 ) definitely doesn’t work. Your direct link may work but it brought up a Chinese language page, and I don’t read Chinese yet ! I’ve been using a proxy server to access my Hotmail these past few days. Thanks for your suggestions anyway – good work !

  5. Both the Messenger and direct link don’t work for me. I’ve been using a proxy too – it’s a pain as it’s dead slow.

    Does anyone know why it is that it’s been blocked? Did the meeting with Bill not go too well in Washington State a couple weeks ago?

  6. well thanks for your great effort!! but sad to say expect that mobile link and outlook one I did have any luck with other options!! I live in Beijing. now its been more than a week that I couldnt open my hotmail. but thanks to you at least I checked some of my importants mails via that mobile version. but as one told it could only check mails which not containing any attachments and outlook is terribley slow. please keep up searching !! thanks again!!

    gan xie

  7. Thank you for helping us out Wang. I couldn’t access my personal account for weeks, although e-mails for my business are still being delivered via Outlook. For anyone else who’s having problems with Hotmail checkout “TorPark”. Runs on Mozilla Firefox as a type of circumventor browser.

  8. I always use hotmail http service in OUTLOOK.

    and it works well all the time,even in this days.

  9. Thanx, first option from mobile worked! We’re travelling in China and have had many problems with hotmail, sometimes we could get in via MSN messenger, but not all the time. you’re website has been a great help, keep up the good work!

  10. I guess, only Option 1: Use Mobile Version works for me since I’ve tried other ways that you offered but failed.I am using MSN Messenger 8.0, so it did not work either even how many times I clicked the mail icon on it. And as to other URLs you post, I could open them all and the log in pages showed up but I got DNS error reports all the time after I typed my user name & passport in the blanks.

  11. I guess, only Option 1: Use Mobile Version works for me since I’ve tried other ways that you offered but failed.I am using MSN Messenger 8.0, so it did not work either even how many times I clicked the mail icon on it. And as to other URLs you post, I could open them all and the log in pages showed up but I got DNS error reports all the time after I typed my user name & passport in the blanks.

  12. Hotmail does not allow free hotmail’s user enter it through OutLook Express.How discomfortable!

  13. The mobile msn portal works great…in fact i like this better than the regular hotmail. I might start using this one instead…thank you so much

  14. hi, thanks for telling us so many ways to access such bad hotmail box. I’m at PuDong too, and useing FTTB+LAN too, but your option 3 and 4 dosen’t work for me. Thank GOD, the first way works for me. a couple of days ago, I accessed hotmail from Italian hotmail, but I cannot do it now. I have no idea that it’s Microsoft’s mistake or China’s? all in all, I’ll not use hotmail anymore, and thanks again.

  15. FANTASTIC!!!!

    I am working in China and was so pissed off I couldn’t access my Hotmail account. Your first option allowed me in. Well done and great work.

    can I use Messenger?

  16. I have given up contacting MSN and asking whats wrong , Hotmail has been not working here in Xian since 1st May like the rest China , for the last few days i am getting sign into Network passport error page, still cannot seem to open my Hotmail after your Great help i have opened My MSN so i can at least see who has e.mailed me , I really thought MSN would have sorted this by now …Thank you for Gmail … And big thanks for the Help..

    “It don’t matter who is the blame just get it Sorted ”

    Well at least the weather here in Xian is 100% better than Brighton E.Sussex UK …

  17. Excellent work Jian mobile access works for me here in Xi’an…Thanks…:)

  18. WOW! Good work, I have had problems with hotmail for the last few weeks and now I can access it with direct url, outlook and the mobile version! THANKS!!!

  19. Problems accessing from China

    This post is to let you know that we have recently been experiencing some technical problems with the service providers in China that are preventing some customers in that country from reaching Live Mail and other Windows Live services.

    We are working with our service providers in China to determine the cause of the problem and a resolution. You may have intermittent access to the service while we work out the problem. Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience.


    but anyway no useful! just china govement

  20. I am a Hotmail user in Jinan City, Shandong. I met the problem in login hotmail.

    Thank you very much for your post. You are very nice.

    Option 1:

    works. but can not see the attachment.

    I solved this problem in forwarding the mail to other email address.

    Option 2: Using MSN Messenger 7.0

    not tested

    Option 3: Logon to Passport First

    does not work

    Option 4: Direct URL

    does not work

    Option 5: Use Outlook Express

    not tested

  21. I am a Hotmail user in Jinan City, Shandong. I met the problem in login hotmail.

    Thank you very much for your post. You are very nice.

    After I changed back to the old hotmail edition from Live Mail, I tested the options again.

    Option 1:

    works. but can not see the attachment.

    I solved this problem in forwarding the mail to other email address.

    Option 2: Using MSN Messenger 7.0

    not tested

    Option 3: Logon to Passport First


    Option 4: Direct URL


    Option 5: Use Outlook Express

    not tested

  22. None of the five solutions works in a hotel in Xi’an.

    Hotmail service has been on and off since I came here earlier this month. Starting from last night, I could not even log on MSN. It’s driving me crazy.

    However, my friends and colleagues in Shanghai have no problem with the services. Now I really wish I could go back earlier.

  23. Microsoft said they are upgrading their Hotmail system. In the meantime, Some user may have problem to log on to the hotmail account. I called Microsoft hot line 800-810-7722 in China. It is not anything about the Chinese govement block it. Please don’t use the colour glass to look this. Any complain, Call Microsoft first.

  24. I live in Shenzhen and for a while at the beginning of May nothing worked although your direct log-in worked. Now, for some reason, everything seems to work in Shenzhen just fine, but where I work in Baoan (just outside the checkpoint of Shenzhen) I have to use the mobile URL you provided and it seems to work fine. The live direct link does not however work. Thanks

  25. Great work! My web access now is all fine but I am no longer able to use Outlook 2003 client to access my msn mail since beginning of May? Has anyone else had this problem?

  26. Thanks wang. Have to stick with using My proxy doesn’;t work, the fascists have blocked google search, students can’t use Wikipedia. Is the only way this government can stay in power is by keeping its people stupid and uninformed? What kind of a culture is that?

  27. to neo: do you seriously think microsoft would tell you, “oh well, sorry about the inconvenience because the government decided to block the site amongst the other millions of web and blog sites”.. Regardless of all the high rises and fancy cars driving around the city, this is still afterall, a communist country.. Please dont be so gullible as it makes all us Westerners look bad.. Haven’t you heard of the saying “don’t believe everything you read(or hear)”? Seriously, next time you decide to post such an imbecilic comment, think before you press the “post” button please.. And just because, try to do some research (especially the news) before you comment thanks.

  28. this is the best, i’m at sch and they have blocked hotmail now i can get to my emails, they have also blocked msn2go but we got a way round it by putting in the ip address which is, just in case any one wants to know it.

    once again great find and thanks, any more like this would be great……

    Adam F,

    (no one knows who this is)

  29. Uh-ho, after a month of hotmail being okayish, I am now getting through to my account but not being able to read my e mails.

    I am getting sick of this bs!

  30. hi

    Just for information for those who want to use Trillian, Yahoo, or msn at work/school with webcam and full options avaiable…

    I had problem with proxy and firewall to run programs like yahoo , icq , msn messenger, irc , emails on work (ports was blocked by firewall and proxy)

    Now i m using

    You can access to all services and all websites !!! (like yahoo, msn messenger, icq…..with webcam and sound :-) )

    You can also surf on restricted areas byy your compagny/school … with internet explorer or mozilla firefox for example

    Stream is crypted so your employers can’t know where u surf :-)

    Trial period is free 2 days….but for my part i m using it for month :-)

    For those who just need to surf on internet and use web based application (like msn web messenger they can use new service)

    that s good :-)

  31. Can an account closed by Hotmail be reopened?


    I am pretty positive someone that doesnt like me (an ex friend) got into my hotmail account and sent a whole bunch of e-mails violating the hotmail policy (abusive e-mails or spam I dont know….). No big deal I thought, I changed my password, etc….

    Well I went to sign in yesterday and I got a message saying that my account is closed and access is denied.

    Now is there NO ONE I can talk to in regards to this? I have filled out that form on t e hotmail support site and all I got in return was an automated message.

    Is there no PERSON I can talk to? Can a closed hotmail account be reopened?

    Will hotmail actually beleive that someone signed into my account? I really cant beleive this has happened because I’ve had this account for years without any problems.

    Has anyone had this happen to them with positive results in the end? I have a lot of personal and sentimental emails that I dont want to be gone forever.

    Please someone help, I am going bonkers here!!!

  32. bullshit! my friends work in chinese telecom-police department, they told me they always filter or block msn and other foreign tele companies.

  33. Hi Jianshuo,

    I admire people like you who are so willingly want to help others in trouble!

    I was lucky – I had no problem with hotmail until today (well, I also don’t often use it, maybe once a week). I guess maybe Zhangjiang Xin Wang (Zhangjiang New Web) which my I subscribed for my business made different.

    I used option 4 & it works perferctly well for me. So, I really want to say thank you. But I am also very interested to know why hotmail is blocked.

  34. thanks 4 u r information.i try all firewall is blocked all one.and show “ACCESS DENIED” last i create anew account in outlook express and after that.when ever i checking that see message—

    Unable to poll for new messages on your HTTP server. Account: ‘Hotmail’, Server: ‘’, Protocol: HTTPMail, Server Response: ‘Proxy Authentication Required ( The ISA Server requires authorization to fulfill the request. Access to the Web Proxy service is denied. )’, Port: 0, Secure(SSL): No, Error Number: 0x800CCC37——

    please give more tricks to access my hotmail account in my office

  35. hello!!! I wanna have one adress. but I don^t know how to register. can you help me?

  36. Hey Buddy!!

    thx for your inputs!!!

    Finally i am able to open my hotmail!!!

    Thx alot!!


  37. Hi friend, I am having problems accessing my email via hotmail. Outlook express worked. Thanks, God Bless

  38. Good work Jian, one thing we can also do to you proxy sites for access. Use US basd I.P. for access

  39. Is there a proxy server site or download place that is accessable around the crappy “BLOKED!!” programs filters? How to access proxy servers when they are all blokked!!

    Help please?

    Wang yee rump

  40. hi, why only your email blocked ?! and only you , dunt be so bias everything blame about china , check your self first if u are a criminal , who knows ! so , is my network problem i need blame whole nation if i am in america or uk , stupid !

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