My Boat Sunk in Dishui Lake

I bought a boat two months ago. I sailed the remote control boat in all the lakes in my residential areas – the big one in the south, the smaller on in the east and the long one in the west. I even sailed the boat in the Century Park. So I happily brought my boat and batteries to the Dishu Lake 滴水湖 near the Dong Hai Bridge. Unfortunately, it sunk into the middle of the lake. Thanks Linda to take the whole process.

Boat with Jack Gu on the left, and I am on the right

Photography by Linda Liu

Boat Started its Journey

Photography by Linda Liu

Boat in the Water

Photography by Linda Liu

After the boat went about 10 meters away into the middle of the lake, I felt the control is not working so well. Shortly, water went into the boat, and the boat lean and start to sink. The water broke the motor, and my remote control completely stopped working. We have to see the rear of the boat went into the water with only the head pointing to the sky. 1 minutes later, the boat completely disappeared under the surface of the water.

I only have the remote control now

Photography by Linda Liu

I have plan to buy a better and stronger boat to replace my first electronic boat.

17 thoughts on “My Boat Sunk in Dishui Lake

  1. One of the things I really love about you, Jian Shuo, is that even though according to the calendars you are a “grownup” you’ve never stopped playing. Long may that “joie de vivre” (how’s your French? ;-) continue!!!

  2. Dear Jian Shuo,

    Forgive the posting here, but I was trying to get in touch with you regarding some of your comments on Shanghai traffic and I didn’t see an email address listed — I’m writing an article about traffic in different cities around the globe, and I’m in Shanghai at the moment. Can you drop me a line at my email if you have a moment, or call me at the Four Seasons (under name ‘Vanderbilt’) Many thanks… Tom

  3. I bought exactly the same boat (same color and everything) when I was in Shanghai 18 months ago. You probably bought it from that hobby shop on the “Pepsi” Street too, didn’t you?

    I see that your boat’s plastic wind shield is broken. Mine is too!

    Actually, my boat sank too. Fortunately, it sank in my swimming pool so I could rescue it and dry it. And the boat is still fully functional.

  4. I should qualify my boat sinking by saying it was after my friend rammed the 12 inch long boat with a 12 feet long fishing raft.

    Actually, I don’t need my boat any more. You can have my boat if you want. I’ll probably be in Shanghai again in September.

    You have my e-mail address. E-mail me.

  5. I loved the story (not the ending, but the overall story)!!! Yes, I too appreciate that you’re still a kid at heart.

  6. jianshuo,

    With due respect, the boat of your size can only be played in bath-tub, to battle the choppy water at the lake, you need a gas-powered boat at least 3′ long with extended radio control. Have you consider to build one yourself with plywood? It is fun!

  7. Carroll, I found playing is a very important factor that makes life fun. :-) Hope next time, I have a better boat that won’t sunk in water waves.

    Tom, you can reach me at jianshuo at hotmail dot com – it is an email address I made public. I may not be able to have a face to face meetup in May holiday, but I am available via email.

    Dave G, I bought it in a shop next to the JW Marriott hotel (the Tomorrow Square), on Nanjing Road, at around 130 RMB.

    RC, I also love the story, the whole story. It reminds me that “Everything has an end”, and we need to appreciate what we have before it goes away. Something as strong (I thought) as the small boat finally sank into the lake…

    Stephen, you inspired me a lot to have a real motor driven boat, crafted by hand. It is a crazy but interesting idea for me. To have a boat in Shanghai, I mean the real boat that people can get on board, is just to expensive and complicated, but have a model one is good. There are some leak at the side of the boat. When there is no wave, it is OK. But when the wave goes to the top of the boat, it will enter the body and caused the problem.

  8. jianshuo,

    Between words I can see you have a strong desire to own a real pleasure-craft, why not! just register with your local yacht club and start with dinghy and then keelboat, don’t forget to invite us for a launch picnic.

    Like the Nike says “Just do it”.

  9. Stephen, that’s a great idea! Jian Shuo, you would totally love building one yourself!! Do you remember the big remote-controlled airplanes that are hanging on the walls in our living room? Those were made by our boys, and I know they have similar kits for boats. I have a feeling this is a hobby you would find both relaxing and enjoyable for your “spare time” (as if you have very much of that!) The only problem is that Wendy might not appreciate it very much. The process of putting one together would require quite a bit of space in which to spread out all the materials…and they would probably remain “spread out” (a euphemism for “a big mess”!) for quite a long time until the project could be completed. Maybe if your apartment is not very large it would be best to start with a fully-constructed one after all :-)

  10. Wangjianshuo, how much you pay MovableType now. It was free several months ago. I notice MT is not free anymore. Any other good blog software to recommend?

  11. Oncerest, it is still free. It has a personal edition, that you can use for non-commericial use for free. Their icon for this kind of license is very small so many people didn’t notice.

    Carroll, and Stephen, to have a self-made boat is a great idea. To join a boat club is also good suggestion. I recently visited the Shanghai International Boat Show and some exhibition about having a boat and sail around. It inspired me a lot about how fun it will be to have a boat and navigate among the lakes and rivers. It is not that possible though due to the higly restricted use of private boat in public lakes, so a model one is an ideal way to do that. Let me think about it, ohmmm, seriously.

  12. Wang Jianshuo:So glad to know you from willie,and I am interested in your blog.I think I will come often.But hope you can forgive my poor english.hehe~

  13. Jianshuo, you can join the SBYC at Dianshui Lake. Me and Xiuying are members.

    I am teaching her to sail the dinghy’s. She can keep a steady heading now.

    2 weeks ago, she managed to turn the boat from one direction of wind to the other by herself, several times. She was SO proud !!

    Go to

  14. Jianshuo, if you refresh the page of that homepage, the top photo will change. And one of the photos is with me and Xiuying, and two other girls, all wearing yellow “Red Dragon” caps…

  15. Hi carsten, I saw you on the header of the website. I also checked the new video of the site. I am very interested in this club, and want to sail very soon. When I am back to Shanghai, I will visit there and see next week. (Should be SAT 10, JUN). Will you be there?

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