Back from Shengsi

Back from Shengsi Island. The island is about 1 hour fast boat to the Little Yangshan Harbor. For the first time, I go through the East Sea Birdget – a bridge of 30 KM long. It is not common to get onto a bridget extending deep into the sea, and cost about 30 minutes to get to the other end. The project is even more amazing than the beautiful scene at Shengsi.

More pictures and guide to get there will be posted later.

12 thoughts on “Back from Shengsi

  1. The feeling is somewhat oddness to be the first commenter on your blog.

    Looking forward to take a close look at Little Yanshan habor and the huge east sea bridge.

    I just have seen them on TV.

    Two extreme expensive projects,also extreme important I believe.

  2. Hi Jianshuo, I was in Lingang today, I wonder if it is now possible to go on the bridge for private cars ? And what to do at the container terminal ? Anything interesting ?

  3. When I lived in Shanghai last year there were lots of sellers, in XiangYangLu and on the street, plus young people giving out discount cards. How often do they see their families? What can they earn? Why did so many of them not want their picture taken? What’s their legal status? Any information anyone can give would be really appreciated. I really want to know how people from the countryside try to 致富 when they come to Shanghai.

    I wish I had asked more questions when I was there. Next time. Next time I’ll try to go to the islands outside Shanghai too.

  4. Carsten, my next entry will be about the Yang Shan Port.

    Zjemi, they come to shanghai. many find jobs, but more cannot find a job. So they do the simplist work – to handout cards. It is not legal, so they don’t want their pictures taken.

  5. Jian Shuo,

    Thank you, but now I want to know what they get paid for handing out the cards and why it isn’t legal (because it is annoying? I really didn’t find the beggars annoying, and carried snacks to give them, but the card people were really a pain.)

    Wow, communicating with a Shanghai 人. I can’t wait to return.

  6. They are paid very little. I don’t know the pay, but from the talk with some guys, they really lead miserable life.

    There are explict regulation to regulate distribution of the small cards in certain area, like Nanjing Road. To distribute anything in those areas are forbidden.

    According to the current regulation, if you want to distribute cards in other areas, you need to get advertisement permit, and put the permit number onto the materials you distribute. Obviously, they don’t get the it either.

    I was so annoyed by people who go cart by cart on metro and through those cards onto your face, onto your body, and insert it into your pocket or bags.

  7. jianshuo,

    where is your shengsi island pictures???? i really want to see them… i am planning to go there from shanghai city during this may holiday… but i dont know what kind of things i should expect from shengsi….. tell us and show us more pleasee….



  8. zjemi,

    I was told these card pushers receive as little as 1 yuan per 1000, many people view these pushers are annoying even nuisance. What if these pushers have become petty crime? then the safety of Shanghai will be compromised.

    Have a compassion toward those less fortunate at this prosperity city.

  9. Can you please give me details about hotels over there and going there? I am planning to have one relaxed weekend over there.

  10. Can you please give me details about hotels over there and going there? I am planning to have one relaxed weekend over there.

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